Monday, 16 February 2015

MCN & Carole Nash London 2015 Bike show - London ExCel

Hello Lovelies,

Another Bike centered post today! I spent Valentine's day with my lovely Husband going to the London ExCel center to see the Carole Nash 2015 bike show!

Now I've never been to a bike show before so I wasn't sure what to expect, though from the photos I saw pop up on my Facebook news feed it looked like it was going to be fun!

We took the train into London Waterloo and National Rail had changed the departures board to say WaterLove instead of Waterloo for Valentine's day which was pretty cute. It didn't take that long to get there, though the DLR was pretty packed - I'd recommend getting off at the second stop for ExCel as there were way less people on the train/using that entrance. Opnce inside we brought our tickets and went into the show! I appologise for the lack of pictures but it was so crowded it was almost impossible to get a photo of anything with out people bumping into you!

The new Ducati Scrambler! My Husband had really wanted to see this and wasn't disappointed, it's a rather lovely bike! (I got to see the Triumph Rocket and I'm still convinced that it'll be the bike I get next!)

More Ducati's.

Part of the bikes on show - the one on the right is a BMW. 



These bikes were part of Top Gear's Richard Hammond and James May's personal collection! I'd been hoping they'd both be around but I didn't spot them. I was quite surprised by the Velocette and the Vincent in the collection.

A custom build bike - This one was covered in loads of different pictures, including Hello Kitty!

All in all this was a really fun day out, there was a lot to see and quite a few stalls selling clothing, parts and accessories. I brought a few t-shirts but nothing else as a lot gear stalls  that had jackets and gloves seemed to be very cheap makes, or had no information about the material they were made from (I'm pretty particular about my bike clothing as I'm rather attached to my skin!) I did nearly buy a Shoei Helmet as they had a very good offer on but I decided to wait and save for a particular model I have my eye on. I'd definitely go again next year.

Ta-ta for now!

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