Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kawaii Club International ~ Kawaii Club - June's box!

Hello Lovelies,

Well, I didn't expected to be reviewing the second box so soon, but it magically appeared yesterday! So if you didn't receive your box yet, don't scroll down!!!

Unlike before I didn't receive a dispatch email that said it'd had been sent, hence the surprise! The box looks like it's take a bit of a battering through the postal system. (Not unusual!) Which is impressive as it's a fairly sturdy box. I like the fact they have the Kawaii Club logo on the address labels as it meant my Husband could tell me it arrived whilst I was at work.

I'm not gonna lie, I was mega happy the second I opened this - straight away I could see something Rilakkuma shaped! Everything was sat inside the tissue paper with the letter explaining what the items were tucked in on top.

Here we go! As I said, there was a Rilakkuma plushie, a Hello Kitty Serving spoon, some washi tape, a little phone charm, some lolipops and a lemonade sweet!

Here's the letter that explains what everything is - I get the bigger parcel so I got the extra items!

The plushie has a little suction cup to attach it to glass, I'm thinking about hanging him in the car!

There was either a Sanrio or San-x spoon in the box this month, I was given the Sanrio one - I think I'll end up using this quite a lot as it's a really good size.

The lemonade sweet! I'm not sure what I was expecting when I ate this but it was a hard kind of chewy candy - the lemonade flavour was lovely though, I'd definitely buy this again if I could find it!

My phone carm was a bottle of blood orange juice!

This is the washi tape - for some reason I forgot to take a picture of it side on but it had a cute print of mittens and things like that on it.

This was the bigger surprise - it's a huge pack of different flavoured lolipops! The letter says they are really hard to get a hold of in the UK and I have to say I've never seen them here before, so I'm looking forward to trying them out at some point.

I have to say I'm really pleased with this box too - especially Rilakkuma, he's my absolute favourite! I can't wait till the next box and I'm considering trying a couple of others I've seen advertised as well.

Ta-ta for now,

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Kawaii Club International ~ Kawaii Club - Mays box!

Hello Lovelies,

Some of the photos in this post may be a tad blurry - I managed to break my phone and had to use a back up one with a terrible camera! New phone has now been purchased so hopefully we'll be back to good photos next post!

I've recently seen a lot of mystery monthly subscription boxes around the internet, it seems you can just about get one for everything! So far I've seen food boxes, snack boxes, make up boxes and kawaii boxes. Intrigued I decided to order one to see what kind of thing you get in these boxes!

After a little research I settled on Kawaii International's box. There were a couple of reasons for this, firstly it was a UK based company, it offered a lot of items for your money, a friend also gave me a discount coupon and at the time of ordering it was the closest one to being dispatched. 

The site explains in simple terms how the process works - you add the package you want to your cart, check out via paypal and hey presto! It sets up a monthly debit. You can cancel this at any time from with in your account should you need too.

There are several ways to purchase your box, essentially if you buy more of them in advance you receive a bigger discount. I opted just for the month by month parcel at the cost of £19.99 a month plus shipping. There's also a count down timer on the page telling you when the next order processing date will be. This time took a little longer than expected as part of the package was stuck in customs, but KIS let everyone know via their facebook page. A few days after this I received an email saying that my package had been dispatched! 

And here's the box that it arrived in!


Inside everything was safely wrapped in pink tissue paper. There was also a note on top explaining what the items were.

And here's what I received! So many things! I was actually surprised at the amount of items, selection and the quality.

A Korilakkuma bobble head mascot!

A Totoro Mei phone charm (She's one of my favourites!)

I've forgotten this little guys name but he's a mini purse!

A Hello Kitty storage box

A Kiiroitori passport holder

And a super useful Sentimental Circus Shappo make up bag - this is now my go to handbag baggy, it's got two little compartments and is made of really sturdy material.

I have to say when I ordered this, I wasn't sure what to expect which is one of the main reasons I went for the month by month box, but after this one I'd be tempted to upgrade to a cheaper in the long run package. I've recently paid for the next one so I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in the box! 

Ta-Ta for now,

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

~*~ REVIEW~*~ ~ Print just about anything on anything! ~*~Positive~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have a review of ArtsCow! I'd heard of Artscow a few months ago, and recently they had a special offer on (I think it was a XL cosmetic bag for $0.99 delivered.) The reason I can't remember exactly what the offer was that when I signed up to order my bag I was given lots of different free item coupons!, So I went a tiny bit mad and ordered 2 XL bags, 2 large bags and a cushion cover.

I placed the order a little over two weeks ago and the order arrived today.

I'm really impressed with this - its printed on a satin type material and closes with velcro (so much better than a zip!!) I'm already planning on some more cushions as I love this one so much!

These are the XL bags - they are a little bit smaller than I was expecting, but they are very well made and the prints are crisp and clear (One had two different pictures on each side)

And these are the two large sizes - I have to save I'm loving the one with my logo! The prints are very clear and the Totoro one is really vibrant!

All of the cosmetic bags have an inner zip compartment which I wasn't expecting and is a great addition! the ordering process is very simple. You choose your products, and customise them (You can choose zip colour for the bags and on some other things you can choose the fabric colour too), add your images and add the product to the basket before checking out. ArtsCow provide you with guidelines for the size of images needed for each product. They also have an advanced editing tool for their products but I didn't try this feature as I just wanted simple bags.

I really love the site, and I will definitely go back and order some more items (They even print dresses now!!) It was just so simple and really good value for money!

Ta-ta for now

Thursday, 12 June 2014

~*~REVIEW~*~ Etudé House Precious Mineral Magic - Positive

Hello my lovelies,

Today I have a review for your on an Etudé house beauty product.

This is a Precious Mineral magic any cushion in mint green (They come in three different colours I believe). I went for this shade as the green is supposed to counteract any red patches of skin. The idea of this product is along the same lines as the Choux range, it's a base to even out complexion before foundation, though I've used it just with powder before and it gave light coverage and pretty good staying power for the powder.

The back of the box is in Korean, but the side is translated into English which is pretty handy! I have to say I didn't find this box as is pretty simple and cute but not as cute as some previous products I've purchased, but, after all it is just a box and I won't be keeping it for ever.

The actual compact is quite large in design and has a simple but cute design to it.

Inside is a very nice mirror, a foam puff and the seal for the magic sponge to stop it drying out.

With the seal open - here is the magic sponge and the product! If you move the sponge a little you can see the liquid product at the bottom of the compact - it doesn't appear there's much in here but it's probably soaked into the sponge.

You need to press the cushion quite hard to get the product onto the sponge, as it's quite liquidy, and it's very translucent, but you can still see the mint shade.

In this photo the product is applied to the right hand side of my hand, you can just about see it - It can be applied and built up to give the desired cover - it does balance out some of the redness in my skin and there's not much redness to my hands. On a good day this and some powder is probably enough for me! But as I said before it's difficult to get on the sponge, and can leave tracks on your skin unless you even it out with your fingers.

Over all its an interesting concept but I do prefer Etudé's CC cream but it does work pretty well! It was fun to try something new!

Ta-ta for now,


Friday, 6 June 2014

London, Baby!

Hello my Lovelies!

Remember the lovely Jade Love/Chiichanny from the last post?  Well, we were lucky enough to meet up last month in London!

We were meeting in Picadilly, outside the Japan centre. (I had some great photos of the outside but they seem to have corrupted themselves, boo!) I, somehow managed to get there mega early! I'm not quite sure what happened but everything seemed to run early! So I had a poke around the Japan Centre whilst waiting for Jade.

I haven't been to the Japan Centre since before it moved, the new store is mostly upstairs and has an in-store bakery, a sushi bar and lots of grocery type products. Downstairs has a dumpling stand and a gyoza stand. I was impressed with the range of items they had, my purse how ever wasn't! I bought so much!

They even had character bread! I bought a melon pan as I've never had it before, it reminded me a lot of iced buns.


My favourite thing has to be the Rilakkuma cup and saucer! I've wanted a Rilakkuma mug for quite awhile now.

I also found Dragonball Z cola, cute tin foil and a whole host of other things.

When Jade arrived we went to Boba Jam in China town to get some lunch and bubble tea! I had the basic brick toast and a mango bubble tea, Jade got the most amazing banana dessert I've ever seen!!

Jade gave me this lovely print which I'll treasure forever! I now own two of her prints and I'm so happy to have this one as it's been one of my favourite for awhile.

After lunch we headed to the purikura store and the shops!  I bought a Korilakkuma phone charm, Rilakkuma chopsticks, a heart dish and gift box.

Jade bought us cute little sentimental circus phone charms! I love my little Shappo!

The purikura store was still shut (It doesn't open till 1:00pm) so we headed to Wonderful Paitisserie. They had some amazing cakes on display too!

I've never done purikura before - for those of you that don't know purikura is a photo sticker booth where you can make funny poses, customise the little photos by drawing on them, it was honestly a lot of fun making up different poses and then decorating after, I'd love to do this again!

We headed to Tokyo toys after this and had a look round, I bought two Sailor Moon Key rings - now something I noticed with these after I got home, is that the one on the left is a legit keyring (It seems to have the right packaging.) The one on the right how ever is missing one of the main characters, Sailor Jupiter which is extremely odd, the packaging didn't look quite right either, and I have to admit that I am rather annoyed Jupiter is missing as it just doesn't look right. The other odd thing with Tokyo Toys is you can't really inspect the items or their packaging as they are all bolted onto the display racks. In order to buy anything you have to find a member of staff, which during MCM time is difficult as most seem to be wearing cosplay in the store and there were quite a few cosplayers about.

Sadly after Tokyo toys it was time for me to go home and time for Jade to find her hotel! I still think we look cute even when we're sad! I had a lovely day out with Jade and I can't wait to do it again, hopefully I won't have too long to wait!

Ta-ta for now,