Friday, 31 October 2014

100 POSTS!!

Hello Lovelies!

Today we've reached 100 posts! Yay! It's hard to believe I've written this much, but I've really enjoyed writing all the posts! The sites changed a lot over the last year - from the colour and layout, the logo, the address and even the logo. I'm sure they'll be more changes to come, hopefully for the better!

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and kept up with me over the last year! I hope you've enjoyed the content so far and I'll keep trying my best to bring you new and fun things!

Ta-ta for now

AliExpress - Shopping!

Hello my Lovelies!

Today's post is all about AliExpress! AliExpress is a shopping site where you can purchase items directly from China - I discovered them at the beginning of the year when I was trying to find a way to purchase items from China with out using a shopping service, which is where AliExpress came in.

So far I've made serveral purchases including clothing, pens, stationary and even a phone! Every purchase has been really straight foreward and the one purchase I did have a problem with was solved by Customer care very quickly! (Much quicker than disputing with Paypal!

So I thought as a special event was coming up on AliExpress - 11.11, where there are lots of discounts to be had, now would be an ideal time for a review so you can see what kind of thing you can purchase!

I spotted this Kitty top a little while ago, and seeing as it was so cheap I decided to go ahead and order it! Ordering is very simple, you select the item you want, the size if applicable, add it to your basket and pay using a credit card - you can even add items from different sellers and check out all in one go. You'll then receive an email when your payment has been accepted and when the order has been dispatched.

My top was sent very quickly and arrived, I think around 2 weeks later from dispatch, that's really not bad going all the way from China! Nearly every item I've purchased has arrived securely packed like the below. It's great because it means Royal Mail can't damage the product inside!

Here's my top, folded very neatly inside the package, wrapped in cellophane for extra security!

And here it is, my lovely kitty top! Exactly as it looks in the pictures! It fits perfectly and the measurements were very accurate. I'm quite tempted to order a few more from the same seller in different patterns!

So if you'd like to find out more about AliExpress or the 11-11 promotion, please check out their site. They have recently made a UK facebook page as well, so be sure to check out that too!

Ta-ta for now

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MAC cosmetics

Hello Lovelies,

Whilst on a recent business trip I ended up stuck at an airport for a few hours due to delays with our flight. I took the time to wander around the duty free and found they had a MAC cosmetics counter! I used to buy MAC make up quite a long time a go (I'm not actually sure why I stopped buying it!) and still have some of the eye shadows as they are fantastic. My go to beige colour had just about run out so I decided to pick up a new one as it was cheaper here than in my local store!

So this is the eye shadow I picked up - I wanted this for blending into other colours and as a base, it's a really lovely soft beige, it applies very well with a brush and gives the amount of coverage I wanted. Better yet it blends excellently with both dark and light colours and is now my go to base eye shadow!

Now this I hadn't planned on buying, this is one of MACs matte lipsticks in Diva - but whilst I was looking at the eye shadows the assistant asked if I needed any help. I'd been looking for a long lasting dark red for awhile, but I tend to find the shiny lipsticks in red bleed everywhere and rub off very quickly! The assistant suggest three shades and this was the one I picked and I'm so glad I did, It's amazing! The colour is perfect, it doesn't bleed (therefore doesn't require lip liner) and it stays put! Seriously, I could probably get away with out re-applying this for most of the day!

Everything together! I've blended the eye shadow with another for the smoky look! I'm pretty happy with my purchases though I do believe this has re-kindled my love for MAC cosmetics!

Ta-ta for now

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kawaii Monthly - October ~*~ Positive ~*~

Hello Lovelies,

As mentioned before this is the other of the two kawaii boxes I ordered. This one is from Kawaii monthly and costs £12.60 including shipping. Again this is cheaper than the Keep it Secret box. 

Kawaii Monthly say 'Each package you receive will have 5 different cute and kawaii items! We will include charms, make-up, snacks, stationary and other cute stuff that you can only get in Japan! We also include a printed newsletter with information on each item included.'

So Here's my box! Yet again royal mail have battered this! But it is a sturdy box so everything is safe inside!

On top of everything is a little leaflet that explains this months items, I always find these useful especially if the items are unusual and all in Japanese! It's also nice to know a little background information on the items too.

The first of the items! A Hello Kitty shopper bag! This is made of a heavyweight plastic and has a little velcro closure on it. It's a perfect size for books or lunches!

I think this is the favourite of my items, a black handheld mirror - this also folds at the handle. I'd seen these a little while ago and loved them but didn't get the chance to buy one. I really like the design detail on the back and around the bezel of the mirror.

Hamster pencils! These are super fun, I used to have pencils like these when I was little, They have individual leads that you swap out when it gets blunt/finished. The pack came with four pencils and a colour one too. They'll be super handy for me and I've already taken some of them to work.

Hello kitty sweets! These were peach and apple flavoured bow shaped gummies which were pretty tasty!

Foot product - This was the last of the items a Japanese Beauty product - the idea is you stick these sheets to the soles of your feet overnight and they absorb all the impurities in your skin! I've not had chance to give these a try yet but they look really interesting!

Well, I have to say I was pretty impressed with this box as well. I like the fact you get a variety of items, and I always like trying new beauty products. I think I will be keeping this subscription for a while yet to see what kind of things are sent in the coming months!

Ta-ta for now,

Friday, 24 October 2014

Taobao Birthday shop!

Hello Lovelies,

My Birthday went past recently and I decided to treat myself to a few things I wanted from Taobao to celebrate! I think I may have gone a bit over board with Rilakkuma, but I do rather love that bear! I used Clobba for this order - I won't review them as I have done before.

Here's the main item I really wanted, space suit Rilakkuma! I love the space series, and had one this particular bear for awhile. My only disappointment was that he's smaller than I thought he would be (Probably about 20-25cm), but he is super lovely and soft, and I like that you can remove the space helmet too!

Rilakkuma travel mug. I'd also wanted this for quite awhile too, I had spotted this on Ali Express but it was way over priced, so when I found it on Taobao I decided to order it! It's great and the silicon sleeve is a nice touch as it does get quite hot - the lid is a little loose but it's not a problem as long as you are careful with it.

Rilakkuma photo frame -This is now on my desk at work with some of my instax photos in.

Rilakkuma Sweets bowl - this matches the tea cup and saucer I got from the Japan Centre earlier in the year!

Rilakkuma pillow case - this is super soft and velvety - it just about fits a standard UK pillow. I like the way it does up with a zip instead of being open at the end.

Pass case and spoon! Now these were a surprise as I didn't order them, so they must have arrived with some of the other items I ordered! Lucky me! I always have a use for spoons and pass cases. (Usually work uses!)

I also ordered myself a Rilakkuma hoody which is super soft and comfy but I don't appear to have a photo of it! I'm really happy with everything in this order, it's exactly as I hoped and will be useful too!

Ta-ta for now,

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box - October ~*~ Positive ~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is a review of the October You Beauty Discovery box.

This months box was dedicated to Hand Bag heroes - things that you can pop in your bag and take out and about with you. I'm not really sure I'd agree with that Handbag hero's part as the two standard items seems to be anti-aging products!

As before there was a little booklet explaining what each of the items were, how to use them and a couple of discounts as well. I opted for the perfume and lipstick, though in retrospect I wish I'd gone for the eye shadow instead of the perfume.

The first thing I found in the box was this little sachet of Cowshed Anti-ageing night serum - Apparently the RRP for this is rather high so I'm looking forward to trying it, though I'm not really sure I need anti-aging products yet!

This was the other set item - a bottle of gold collagen drink for ages 40+. Now I'm quite happy to say I am no where near 40 and I'm not convinced how good drinking this for you would be! I've not tried it yet and not sure I will.

Illamasqua Glamore lipstick in Cherub - This was one of my pick items and I'm glad I did, I'd heard lots about Illamasqua and jumped at the chance to try out their product. I love the shade - its a orangey red. It's also great at staying where applied and doesn't seem to dry out my lips.

This was the other of my chosen items Nilan perfume - I love the way this is presented, how ever I'm not so sure about the scent - it's quite heavy. It's also not a spray bottle which I prefer and would keep in my handbag, so this is sitting pretty at home on my dressing table.

So this months box was a bit hit and miss but I'm definitely happy with my lipstick! I've rated this box as positive as the lipstick alone would have been £18.50 and the box only cost £6.95 so I'm pretty pleased with this and can't wait to see what the options are for next months box!

Ta-ta for now,

Monday, 20 October 2014

New Bike! CBR600 F3

Hello Lovelies!

Shortly before I took my MOD 2 bike test I sold my 125cc Lexmoto arrow, I have to say I had mixed feelings about selling Lexy, he was my first bike! but he's has now gone on to his new home and I've brought a bigger bike!

So this is my new lovely bike! A 1996 Honda CBR 600F3 - the bike I've wanted since I was little!

I have to say, I was very lucky to find one in such good condition, it's not been altered either which is a massive bonus! (And also a massive bonus to my insurance as well!) It's everything I'd hoped it would be, and shockingly unlike some of the others I've ridden it's amazing comfortable to ride!

More bike posts coming soon! I've even thought of a little sewing tutorials for biker accessories!

Ta-ta for now