Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fancying up a bike jacket

Hello my lovelies!

As some of you might know, I'm taking the first steps to getting my motorbike licence this weekend! I'm so excited! I've always wanted a motorbike, ever since I was little! I've had bike gear for awhile now as I've ridden pillion on my husbands bike, but I rather though my black jacket was boring. So I decided to add some patches to it!

If you search the internet you can just about find a embroidered patch for anything! I found so many but decided I really wanted some Stargate patches (I know, it's not quite my usual cute theme, but I've got my eye on some Sailor Moon ones now too!) The patches above came with a LOCK name tag as well, but for the life of me I couldn't get that to stick properly, so it's ended up being disguarded.

The biggest problem I had with these is they need to be ironed on and not sewn on (poking lots of holes in protective gear is not a good idea!) For what ever reason they were almost impossible to get them to adhere to the jacket, the glue just made it ridiculously hard for it to actually stick to anything. After about 15-20 minutes I did manage to get them stuck on and they do look pretty good! I think I may have to go back over the SG1 patch at some point as the edges aren't quite stuck on well enough for my liking. I imagine using a heat gun (carefully!!) would make these easier to apply.

At some point I'd love to get a white or pink jacket that I could cover with cuter patches! If you could customise a jacket with patches what would use? Can you think of any I should add to my jacket?

Ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Plus Cutie are having a give away!

Hello Lovelies,

Spree Picky's new plus size store, Plus Cutie is holding a give away! You should check it out here:

Plus Cutie

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cute Desk ideas!

Hello my Lovelies!

First off, I'm awaiting for some items to review (there's been a delay in delivery) and I'm also still trying to work on the sewing tutorials for you all - I need to create a how to for different types of hand stitching first though!

So today I though I'd show you my desk at home that I use for sewing and other crafting bits.

Depending on what I'm doing depends on what's on the desk! Usually my sewing machine is always on here. I also keep handy box of sewing items, a cork board and pen pot/pencil case. The pink lamp is super handy for extra light when needed. I usually pin measurements or directions for what I'm working on to the cork board so it's easily visible.

I also keep a phone holder, money box and a few of my favourite figurine's here or on the bookshelf too. The blue box is my pencil case! The little bear is a BTSSB that Beccy bought all the way back from Japan for me!

A photo of my husband and Grandma, and Link from the Legend of Zelda! My Husband bought me this many years ago. I store all my patterns and notes in the folder behind the lamp so they're easy to find.

So, how about you? Do you have a cute work space or cute storage ideas? I'd love to hear about them if you do!

Ta-ta for now

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

REVIEW: Reinbo Neko (ETSY) ~*~ Positive~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is  review of the etsy store Reinbo Neko.

Reinbo Neko is a UK based store, I discovered them by accident when browsing facebook! At the time I discovered them, they were holding a give away which was a Sailor Moon necklace (For those of you that don't know Sailor Moon is one of my favourite 5 things!)

I wasn't lucky enough to win but one of my friends did! Reinbo Neko then announced that the remaining two necklaces would be on her etsy store, and luckily the pink necklace was still available! I purchased this from the store on the Monday and received and email saying that it would be posted on the Friday as this was the posting day.

A few days later an announcement appeared saying that due to a bank holiday, all purchases would be sent on the Saturday. So I waited the weekend and on Tuesday nothing had arrived. I left a message on the post delay message on facebook asking if the necklace had been sent (Mainly because I've had a few packages arrived damaged recently and was worried) - it hadn't been sent as she'd not been able to get to the post office and would be sent on the Tuesday after the bank holiday.

On Thursday I finally received my necklace! It was sent in a padded jiffy bag so it was kept safe and sound. Inside was a little organza (I thought the bag matched well!) bag and a note.

I like that the charms match the rings and the clasp.

Close up of the Sailor Moon charm - the colours are really vibrant and go well together!

Aside from the delay with the postage, which is probably down to it being a bank holiday weekend and me being impatient, I'm really happy with my purchase, it's cute, a good size and stands out!

If you'd like to check out the Reinbo Neko store you can find it here

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Monday, 19 May 2014

An interview with Tartan Kawaii of Staying Super Kawaii!

Hello my lovelies!

Today I am very lucky to be able to bring you an interview with one of the UK's popular kawaii bloggers! Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese! In the below format Q: Is questions asked by myself and A: is Answers from Tartan!

Hello Tartan and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! ~   I've been reading your blog for awhile now so I’m really pleased to be able to do this talk with you!

Q: So we know your name is Tartan and you reside in the Uk! Tell us a bit more about yourself?

 A: Hi~ Okay so as you know am Tartan and I live near Edinburgh. I am Kawaii blogger and hobbyist photographer.In my spare time I am a volunteer member of the Marshmallow Dream Maids Cafe , working as both a maid and photographer for the team.

Q: How long have you been into Kawaii and when did you first discover it?

A: Oh wow, uhumm I guess when I was about 8 or 9 years old... I was introduced to Anime on the T.V  channels being aired at the time and Japanese culture was touched on in other studies at my school, I sort of fell in love with all the aspects of Japan ,from its culture , fashion, traditions , language and most of all, everything that is Kawaii of course!

Q: What’s your favourite thing about kawaii things? 

A: I love Kawaii things the best thing about them , to me is they can make you smile and feel happy Every one will smile if they are gifted something that looks so cute. Smiles are the best, if some one smiles to you , you cant help but smile back. Kawaii things make you feel happy too. Those are the best thing about Kawaii.

Q: Do you have a favourite kawaii item and/or character??

 A: Oh ^^' this is hard...My favourite Kawaii item- I have so much it is hard to pick, I guess it would be my solar powered dancing pink flower. It dances in the sun and its really cute and amuses me . Also it means it is sunny enough outside to go and enjoy the sunshine too!
My Favourite Character again this is super hard ..Kyaa...but Hello Kitty means a lot to me and I can not help but love how adorable she is, no matter how many times she changes her own kawaii styles! Rilakkuma is my second favourite I would love to be like him and be a lazy cute bear and do nothing but sleep and eat some times hehe!

Q: Are there any particular J-fashions that appeal to you?

A: I love all kinds of J-fashion styles, I adore seeing others wearing J-fashion too. Am very Eclectic in taste - So I take inspiration from all types . I do admire  Lolita, Pop Kei ,Street styles and bright Kawaii styles. I think its fun to experiment till you find some thing your really like.

Q: Do you try and incorporate cute things into your decor at home or at the office? 

A: In a word - yes! My desk is full of Cute, Kawaii and things! Everything, I use on my desk is Kawaii from San-x products to Sanrio likes of my Korilakkuma or Rilakkuma pens and pencils, Cute looking erasers and staplers to Hello Kitty note books,  Kawaii pen pal letter sets, Cute ink stamps and don't forget Stickers too!! Oh and I do a of ''DIY Kawaii '' on normal dull looking objects to make them look cute too! In my house I have a room devoted to all things Kawaii but you can find Kawaii every where in my house. From Hello Kitty pink oven mitts to Kawaii looking rainbow shaped pillows. No room is safe. Teehee.

Q: Do you do anything in particular to try and bring kawaii into everyday life?

A: Hmm I do try and wear at least one thing Kawaii, I tend to pick a Kawaii Necklace - I have one on a chunky pink chain that has the Japanese symbol for Dream. It reminds to keep reaching for my own Kawaii Dreams.

Q: What kind of things would you like to see in future come to the UK? (I would like San-X to open a Rilakkuma shop over here!! T-T)

A:  I would love to see physical stores for Sanrio and San- X , I would love to see a Daiso Japan store come to the UK its like our own stores of B&M or Poundstreacher stores  but everything and anything is Super Kawaii!! I think it would be great to have those, but I think my bank balance would disagree!

Q: Do you tend to buy more things from abroad than from the UK? 

A: Yes I do, I find it is easy to shop online and order from abroad to get hold of items you can not get in the UK. I like to use Esty and Storeenvy. You can get lots of Kawaii and quirky cute stuff on those sites too.

Q: How long have you been running your site and why did you start it? Do you have any advice for those just starting up their own blog? 

A: It will be almost 3 years of running 'StayingSuperKawaii' Wow! Already? I started it for fun, like a diary of my Kawaii stuff and things I bought that turned into personal reviews. I hoped to connect with like minded Kawaii lovers and spread the joy of Kawaii. I think the best advise is , never give up on doing something you love, if you love some thing and want to blog about it , go for it! If it makes you happy that is all that matters. Its good to have nice photos for your readers to look at , and having a nice theme or art . Try a catchy name for your blog or a online name also ,helps readers recognise your blog too.

And just for fun!
Q: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

 A: In the Dream world I would love to become a well known Kawaii blogger and work as a Kawaii Fashion street-snap photographer , in Japan maybe? Or be  Photographer at Conventions and events that have Kawaii fashion at them-to be full of Kawaii knowledge and equipped with my Camera Kit! ^^

Q: What’s your favourite food? 

A: Oh uhumm...I guess I would have to pick Cupcakes and Macarons because they are so cute looking,colourful and yummy  in so many flavours but it has to be the ones I get from a Cupcake shop in the City - I make a point to go there and bring Cupcakes and Macarons. - I have a sweet tooth! Hee hee

Thank you so much for my interview! It was really fun to answer your questions!

If you'd like to find out more about Tartan Kawaii or more about Staying Super Kawaii please check out her lovely blog! 

Staying Super Kawaii

If you would like an interview on the site please leave me a comment below!

Ta-ta for now!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

~*~ TUTORIAL ~*~ Up-cycling shelves

Hello everyone!

Today's post is a mini tutorial on how to upcycle some shelves! The shelves in question are the above - My Husband had two of these shelve sets in his office that he no longer required. (They are from Ikea if anyone is interested!) I wanted some shelves for our bedroom and these were the perfect size but the wrong colour! So I decided to try and cover them.

The shelves are made of metal, and metal paint is ridiculous expensive, and due to the weather recently I didn't think it'd have time to dry properly before it started raining again. After some thought I'd try covering them with fablon (It's a sticky back plastic type material) and fabric.

You will need:

~ Fablon in your desired colour (NOTE: FABLON DOES NOT STICK TO METAL WELL, YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE ENOUGH OF THE PRODUCT TO OVERLAP ITSELF IN ORDER FOR IT TO STICK PROPERLY!!!!! If your shelves are wood or plastic you should be fine.)
~ Material (I used a patterned cotton, make sure you have enough to overlap the edges and cover all the shelves, and make sure it's not creased!)
~ Spray glue
~ Sissors
~ Cleaning cloth/spray/cleaning wipes

  • Firstly give your shelves a good clean, fablon won't stick to the item if it's covered in dust! Make sure it's fully dry before you start sticking.
  • Measure around the sides/where you want to cover with the fablon, leave enough to overlap, especially if you are covering metal. (Fablon has a handy measuring system on the back)
  • Peel off the backing and stick the fablon, centered on the front of the surface.
  • Cut any bends or parts you need to uncovered before folding!
  • Carefully wrap the sides around and rub firmly over the surface once happy with the placement to ensure that it sticks. 
  • Repeat until you have covered the parts you want with the fablon.
  • Now the fun part! Drape your fabric over the shelve, you should leave enough over lap to cover the sides and to fold under the shelf to stick down. Cut the fabic the fabric to size. If you have a shelve like mine you will need to cut a small square into each corner to allow for fabric to fit around the sides.
  • Spray your shelf with glue, make sure you get the front, sides and the outer underside too!
  • Place your fabric on the shelve and smooth it out, the glue should be pretty tacky so it will stick pretty quickly.
  • Fold over the sides and front and stick underneath, make sure it's smooth as you go.
  • Repeat for the remaining shelves.

And there you go! Fancy new shelves! The great thing about doing it this way is that you can pretty much do any colour imaginable and it's super easy to change too. You can also match other things in the room to the fabric too, I've recovered the dressing table stool in it.

The next post will either be a sewing tutorial or a review!

Ta-ta for now!

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hello lovelies!

I'm a bit late to the party on this one as Enchanted was over a month ago but I've just not had the time to write anything. So anyway on to the post!