Friday, 9 September 2011

Swan Lake Birthday Cake

I recently had a request for a birthday cake from a co-worker. She'd seen a picture of a duck pond cake that she liked (That co-incidentally my youngest sister had made.) I knew roughly how the duck pond cake had been made but not what kind of cake it actually was, just that it had been made with green jelly and had real cream and coconut in the frosting, something that I have never tried before and as this was the first time I'd made a cake that work friends would be eating, I wanted to get it right first time and I didn't want it to be an exact copy of my sisters!

Back again!


Apologies for the hiatus again - I unfortunately lost my job back in March, but have now started a new one, and moved house! Now that everything is for the most part back to normal, I can get back to posting some fun projects! So what do I have planned for future updates? Well there will be a few! Please note the dates for the below are dependant on time and materials!

  • - Bunny/Kitty Scarf (Coming September) 
  • - Altering a waist band on a skirt (Coming September/October)
  • - Birthday Cupcakes (Coming October)
  • - Birthday Cake (Coming Mid-October)

  • In keeping with updates, I do have one update for you, I have recently made a swan lake cake which I will post the guide too after this! If you do have any suggestions for something you'd like to see a guide too, do let me know and I'll see what I can do!