Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tony Moly anti-ageing peach hand cream

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It's that time of the year again, the days are shorter, the wind is up and the temperature has dropped in gloomy England! Winter has definitely arrived, and with all the super fun weather the skin on my hands has started to dry out and become quite sore and painful. Unfortunately for me this is a regular occurrence for me ever winter season. On the upside though it does mean I get to try and bunch of different hand creams as I get through them so often to try and avoid my skin splitting! (Yes this does happen if it gets to dry *sob*).

So one of the creams I decided to get this year is Tony Moly's anti-ageing peach hand cream - The picture of this online showed a cute little peach shaped pot and promised to leave my hand softer and younger looking - sounds good right? I bought the cream for somewhere around £4-5 online.

Here's what arrived! How adorable is this? I wasn't really sure how much the pot would look like the picture but it definitely looks like a peach - my second surprise was how big this tub was - it's slightly smaller than a tennis ball! I'll admit I partially bought this on how it looked and thought it would look pretty on my dressing table.

When you split the peach in half you find a half is filled with cream - there's quite a lot in here and it smells just like peaches, it's a really lovely scent. The tub did have a little seal to stop it leaking in transit but I forgot to take a photo of this. (It was identical to the blueberry lip balm in one of my previous posts, if you are curious).

The cream itself is a pale peachy/pink colour, quite thick, but spreads very easily. I found my skin absorbed it very quickly - I was pleasantly surprised by this as some heavier creams take quite a while to soak in. My hands were left smelling of peaches too - the scent didn't really fade until I washed my hands - even then it still lingered, just not quite as strongly.

All absorbed! My skin was left feeling very soft, hydrated and supple. I was very impressed with this and will be buying a second pot to keep on my desk at the office as it works so well. I really like the scent of this too, its rather different to most of the floral scents usually associated with most hand creams.

Have you tried this cream out before? Are there any creams you'd recommend to me to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

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