Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Janurary Sale shopping!


So shortly after Christmas I went sale shopping with one of my sisters! (This was after our boxing day extravaganza!

First off is Primark. Primark in Reading is one of those places that you can't leave with out buying something, they always have something quirky! I only have one tiny issue with this store, the issue being the way the store is layed out. I prefer everything to be in their own sections rather than having a variety of items in one section. It just makes it harder to find specific things as you could be overlooking it because it's not where you would assume it would be. e.g You could be looking for a certain type of bag, you can't find it with the handbags because it's off with the jeans instead! The other thing is that there is nearly always a queue to check out, especially if you go in at peak times (lunch time and after 5:00pm)

But anyway, here are the sparklies from Primark!

Necklace - Mini Hair Clips - Blue Gem Ring - Flower Ring

Close up of the blue gem ring - it has little clear gems all around it. It's very sparkly and catches the light well - I've had a lot of complements about this ring!

Close up of the flower ring. I bought this in a large, which was a mistake as it's massive!! But it does work very well as a thumb ring! It's really cute and well detailed.


I also bought a couple of things from my favourite £5 store. The stock changes quite regularly, which is handy as they didn't have these boots in my size the last time I went!


 And just because I can, a batman comic!

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