Monday, 9 April 2012

~*~ GUEST POST - SIMON TODD - Charity Fundraising ~*~

Hello, I'm Simon. Also known as Laura, Jess, Sarah, Becky and Emma. Now you're confused.

This year for charity I'm completely swapping lives with 6 young ladies, living life through their eyes. How? I'll be going the whole hog to look like, dress like and act like them, as they set me a days worth of activities typical of their lives. Singing, shopping, baking... Anything goes.

So why am I taking a week off work to spend it being other people? This year it's for The Children's Trust in Tadworth, a great national charity working with kids across the UK who have multiple disabilities and complex health needs. They also help the family out too, with rehab, therapy, nursing and medical care, should they need it. It's a great cause.

I've set myself a challenge of raising £250 - take a look at for more about the event, or head straight to if you're feeling generous enough to donate!

Thanks in advance - your donations mean a lot!

Simon/Laura/Jess/Sarah A/Sarah T/Becky(Kitt)/Emma

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