Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gift Box Swap with Scarlett Juzzle!

Hello Lovelies!

It's an exciting post today! A while ago I arranged to do a gift Trade with Scarlett Juzzle of Pastel Dreams and Rainbow Skies! (Go check out her blog, it's so cute!) We settled upon a budget, a date to swap and a theme! We decided as we both love super cute and Japanese things that the theme for this swap would be Kawaii! So off we went to shop for a swap before packing up and posting out! Quite handily both boxes arrived on the same day so we could open them roughly at the same time!

Here's my box from Scarlett! I knew who it was from immediately! Look at all the super cute kitty, Rilakkuma stickers and sweet tape! I have to admit I was super excited when it arrived!

I think most of the Berkshire area probably heard me squeal when I opened the box, My first reaction was 'Oh my gosh! So much Rilakkuma!!!!!' I don't think I've ever been so happy to open a gift like this.

Here is everything that was in the box, even now looking at the photo makes me smile, there's just so much here. Scarlett really, really spoiled me and I'm so, so grateful to her. There's just so much here!! Candies, stationary, tape, stickers, lunch boxes, a bag and a plushie!

She even put in some cute little stickers - I have plans for these already!

Super cute Rilakkuma stickers! I do love stickers, I'm already planing what to use these ones for.

The Rilakkuma kitty is one of my most favourite prints, so I'm very pleased to have this. I'm currently using this mug at work.

Rilakkuma Bento, Panda cookies and Pudding flavoured choco. My lunch box recently broke this was perfect timing! The bento is a perfect size and there are little sections you can put in or take out. The panda cookies were so tasty, they were a caramel flavour, I've not had them before but I'd definitely buy them again. I really enjoyed the pudding choco too - I think it's supposed to be creme caramel flavour!

Rilakkuma tamago bag! How cute is this? It's a perfect size to fit the lunch box in - I'm currently using it as a handbag.

Korilakkuma plushie! Everyone's favourite mischievous bear! I do love this, she's so soft!

Korilakkuma memo pad - This is the perfect size to fit in a handbag - it's got different printed paper inside too.

Scarlett also included lots of kawaii stationary! This is perfect as I was planning on buying some shortly for an upcoming project!

Hello Kitty Pencil, Hi-Chew Candy and more stationary! I love Hi-Chew!

I also found this cute little envelope inside the box.

Inside was the sweetest letter I've ever received. This made me feel so loved! I'm always a bit unsure about what people think of my blog/site so this really made my day.

I want to say thank you so much to Scarlett for making this swap so special and wonderful. I've been having a rather stressful time recently so this really made me smile and cheered me up, thank you for being so kind and generous!

Ta-ta for now,


  1. Awh I am so glad you loved everything, I really enjoyed reading this and loved trading with you, so fun :) we will have to do it again one day.
    Loads of love

    1. I'd love to swap again! Maybe we should do a Christmas one?

    2. Definately :) that would be super fun :)