Sunday, 25 October 2015

Heroine Make-up from Japan!

Hello Everyone!

Today I've a quick post on a Heroine make-up compact all the way from Japan - I'm very lucky that one of my good friends bought this back for me on a recent trip there a few months ago! (Sadly the Kit-Kats she also bought back for me didn't quite make it to the photos!)

The powder compact comes packaged on the cute little card - inside has the powder, a mirror and a little puff for applying it with. I really like the illustration on the packaging, I think it'd draw my eye to it in a store.

The powder itself is the lightest that they do - it's quite pigmented but not heavy. It applies very smoothly. It doesn't have much of a scent either which is good for those that don't like perfumed products

The coverage is very good too - I've not blended the edge in so you can see where the powder is - it's a pretty good match for my skin tone. My skin felt very soft and smooth after applying this - the only thing I did find was that it didn't last terribly long and needed touching up around lunch time and again later on in the day, but that could just be skin type, I imagine for someone with normal to dry skin this powder would be ideal.

Bonus photo! This was my make up with the Heroine Make Powder! As an over all powder for fixing foundation I found I had a few problems. It seemed to react differently with different foundations - for some reason when used with the Benefit Flawless foundation, it went super orange! I also found that it didn't react well to one of Miss Sporty's BB cream as it went a different shade of orange! However used on it's own its fine, it doesn't react and is great for days when you only want a little bit of coverage.

Have you ever tried any of Heroine's make up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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