Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sushi Birthday Cake!

 So around mid-October was my birthday! Which meant Birthday cake! Usually at work people either make or bring in cake to share with the office. I decided to make mine, because I love making cakes.

So a little while before hand I started thinking what I could do. I thought about the Legend of Zelda, but remembered a Hylian shield cake I'd attempted many, many years ago that went terribly wrong. I thought about a Hello Kitty, but the cost of renting a tin was an issue, in the end I came up with a sushi cake! Originally I'd planned to make individual cakes and ice them to look like Sushi. Then I realised how long that would actually take, and as I wanted to ice it in one evening, I eventually came up with the below!

Yes, those are pink octupi... The cake just looked far too normal/boring when I was done sculpting sushi pieces from icing, sweets and glacé cherries!! So naturally pink octopi were the way to go!

They were actually relatively simply to make, all you need to do is colour a lump of icing pink, or any other colour you would like to use, then roll it between your hands into a fat sausage shape, take a pair of kitchen scissors, and carefully cut into it four times to create the eight legs! If your scissors like mine have patterned edge on them, it'll look like markings on the tentacles. Ice on two little eyes.

You can then pose your octopus how ever you would like!

Although I don't think it's one of my better cakes (probably because it didn't turn anything like I'd planned) it did disappear very quickly!

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