Friday, 4 October 2013

~*~ Craft Tutorial ~*~ Wrist Cuffs

Hello my lovelies!

Today I will show you how to make your very own cute wrist cuffs! They are really quite simple to do and don't require a sewing machine - you can sew these by hand!
I made this particular pair to wear with my outfit for Frock on! My Mum very kindly made the strawberries for me (Miss Alpaca has a couple that I didn't use as well!)

You will need lace, ribbon, decorations, clear nail varnish, needles, thread and scissors to make your own wrist cuffs. Lay everything out so you can see what you've got to work with.

Take the lace you want to use as the base and wrap it around your wrist. Cut where the ends meet. Repeat this seven more times (you can use the piece you just cut as template.)

Place each piece of lace in a two and sew these together so they are doubled up. You should then have four double pieces.

Then sew two pieces of the double layer down the middle to create your base.

Take the ribbon you want to run through the middle and cut it so it's about 1cm longer on each end than the middle of your cuff. Seal the ends with some clear nail varnish and allow to dry. Sew this along the middle.

Cut four 15cm long pieces of wider ribbon (this will be used to tie your wrist cuff.) Seal the ends with clear nail varnish and allow to dry before sewing under the over lap of your middle ribbon.

Then it's decorating time! Place and sew on your decorations, you can pretty much do what ever you'd like with them at this point. I sewed the pearls and strawberries on mine, but you could use a clear drying glue if you wanted to add little diamanté or anything similar.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!

Ta-ta for now


  1. Aww, this tutorial is adorable, Becky! *u* I think I'll definitely try this out once midterms are over, hehe. They look great - awesome job! :D <3 Following your adorable blog; hope to see more tutorials like this, they're actually useful for people (like me) who have an overload of art supplies but never use them haha. xD

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  2. Hi June! Sorry for the late response! Thank you so much for your comment :D I'm hoping to do a few more tutorials soon, and maybe even some Christmas themed ones! Is there anything in particular you'd like to see?

  3. Whoops - forgot to click the Notify button ^-^''