Friday, 25 October 2013

Harry the wonder puppy!

Hello my lovelies!

Today I thought I'd give an update on Harry the eight month old puppy we adopted at the beginning of September.

Harry's now nearly ten months old and finally at a decent weight after being such a bony thing. He's learnt a few more tricks/commands and even walks very well on a lead.

He loves going for walks by the lake and even swam a little bit last weekend! (Normally he just wades in as far as he can go and won't go any further.)

Harry has also grown a lot since we bought him home, I think he's got a little taller and wider which is good! Burmese dogs don't finish growing until they are two or three years old, so whilst he may dwarf our families Labradors already he's only going to get bigger! Because Harry is is a mixed breed we aren't sure how big he'll end up or what colourings he'll have as the black markings appear to be spreading, and he now has little patches of brown fluff coming in.

Well that's all for now, but I'll be sure to update again soon! Also I'll just add that I'd really recommend Companion Care Vets at the Winnersh Triangle Pets at Home - they have been so helpful and their prices are very good too!

Ta-ta for now

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