Friday, 24 January 2014

What to do when it all goes wrong!

Hello Lovelies,

Recently I've had a spate of bad luck. Not just one of two things that went kind of wrong but a whole great ton of them in the most spectacular way possible.

My favourite one has to be the Taobao order I placed around the middle of last year that arrived after quite a few delays/un-answered emails, wrong items, missed shipping, shipping delays which then arrived with a big black marker line down the back and mouldy. Yup, you read that right, mouldy.

I'd originally placed this order to arrive for my birthday back in October - it didn't make this by a long shot, but I was so, so disappointed when I saw the state of one of the dresses.

The lace and the collar front and back were covered with black mould (including little spores! YUCK!!!). The shopping service had told me they'd washed the dress when it arrived to them as it had tailors chalk on it. They also said that they had dried it before packaging it up to send but it still arrived in this state.

How the black line running down the back got there is anyone's guess. Everything from the mouldy package, unsurprisingly went straight in the wash, fortunately everything was in individual bags so the mould didn't spread. I've managed to get rid of the mould and most of the stains (it's still discoloured in places) after multiple washes, bleach and stain remover, but I've yet to wear it or the second I ordered from the same company. I've looked and I've looked at it and one of the others and because of all the issues I've had with them I just don't want to wear them at the moment.

So what can you do in this situation? Not a lot! You can get angry, you can cry, you can swear you'll never order from Taobao again (who are you kidding, you know you'll be back on there again with in a week!)Firstly, email your shopping service and send photos explaining the situation and what you would like to do about it refund/discount/replacement item. You can also if you are in the time limit, open a paypal dispute and try and get some of your hard earned money back, especially if your agent is being less than helpful!

In my case I contacted the shopping service but as I was out of the paypal time limit didn't open a dispute. They did refund me their $5 fee and were very apologetic but it's rather annoyed me, so much so that I've used a different service for my recent order (more on that later).

So there we go, some suggestions for you, but I do hope nobody has the same experience I had!



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