Monday, 27 January 2014

TaoBaoSpree Review ~*~Postitive ~*~

Hello my lovlies,

Today's post is a review of TaoBaoSpree (from here on TBS). I usually use the same service, but unsurprisingly after my last Taobao order, I wanted to try a new shopping service. I did a lot of research and uming and ahing about which of the many, many services to use. I'd heard of TBS  here and their site was friendly and easy to use - I'd added them a few days before I placed an order and was pleased to see they are very active and they even host a give away very frequently! I also googled several reviews and took a look at their feedback page on their website, which is also made be feel more comfortable with ordering from them as they had so many good reviews.
So to place an order you can either fill in their spreadsheet and email it to the address given on the site or send an email with the items you want using their template. I went with the latter as excel wasn't playing games and I couldn't get it to load properly - though I've now uploaded it to google docs for the next order and its working fine! I sent the order in on the 30/12/2013 and was assigned the lovely Cici who replied the next day!

Cici informed me that one of my items was out of stock in the colour way I wanted so I chose a different colour, paid for my items and Cici said she'd order them for me - this all took place in one morning! I am seriously so impressed with the turn around in communication. It's taken me a week just to get an order straight and then paid for before!!!

I asked Cici on 03/01/2014 if it was possible to add two more items to my order, she replied on the 04/01/2013 saying that was fine with a revised order form. I paid for items and Cici confirmed she'd order them for me.

On the 08/01/2013 I asked Cici if she thought my order would be ready before the upcoming Chinese holiday - she replied on the 09th saying everything was there but one of the items was out of stock so she'd credited my order. I paid for EMS shipping the same day.

Cici emailed me on the 10/01/14 to say she'd found a problem with the boots I'd ordered - there was a blue stain on them (it looks like biro to me) and that the seller was sending her a cleaner to fix it - she'd also forgotten to but the boots in the package when she weight for EMS shipping and sent me a revised amount - which I paid.

I asked Cici on the 13th if the cleaner had arrived and she replied saying yes but there was still a mark. She'd asked the seller to refund me part of the value which I was happy with and has been added to my account for future purchases.

I received the tracking number on the 16/01/14 - I think it'd been sent the previous day as it'd already moved quite quickly! Parcelforce delivered the package on the 21/01/13 which is fairly impressive time wise!

Everything arrived packaged very well in the above box - each item was individually placed in a bag. Everything was accounted for and I was very pleased with the items (Individual reviews coming on these soon.)

Overall I'm amazed at the service I was provided with from TBS - so much so that I've already got another order ready to place with them when they re-open after Chinese New Year (On the 07/02/2014). I'd highly recommend using TBS as your shopping service, they are professional, polite and go above and beyond for the customer!

I'll be reviewing my items soon, so look out for the post soon!


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