Monday, 12 January 2015

Etudé House - ~*~Posititve~*~

Hello Lovelies!

My favourite cosmetic company, Etudé House are now shipping world wide! Yay! This is a really great thing for me as I've been stuck ordering from ebay and I've had a few problems with fake products and items never arriving, so when they announced they were now shipping world wide I was over the moon! For those that don't know Etudé are based in South Korea. Their website is extremely easy to use and works like any other mail order website. You can pay via paypal too which is always a bonus. I ordered three eye shadows, a face mask and was entitled to a free gift too.

My order was sent very quickly and took about two weeks to arrive. Check out that super cute box, I really love the 'All of you are born as a Princess' slogan on the side! Everything was packaged securely in the box inside some bubble wrap too.

Here are the items I ordered! All perfectly safe! I was a little worried the eye shadows might get broken in transit but there was so much protection from the bubble wrap they were fine.

These are the awesome free gifts I got! A lovely pink tote bag (It's made of really strong cotton and I use it quite a lot!) And lots of little samples. I've wanted to try the baking powder range for awhile so I was extremely pleased to receive these - I love make up samples because they let you try out different things before deciding on your favourite to purchase.

I was very happy with the service I received from Etudé and I didn't think the shipping charges were too bad either. I'd definately order from them again, espeically as they seem to have so many shopping events on at the moment.

If you'd like to check out Etudé House's 
website you can follow the link below!

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