Sunday, 4 January 2015

IKON HAIR REVIEW - Earley - ~*~Positive!~*~

Hello Lovelies,

Hair is a very personal thing. You always want it to look it's best, and the wrong hair cut can mean disaster (unless you own a variety of awesome hats!) I've had some very bad hair cuts in the past and even a few there were completely opposite to what I wanted (take the time when I asked for a scene cut, and for it to be dyed pillar box red - I left almost 4 hours later with dark red perfectly straight, one length all round!!). There's now only one person I trust to cut my hair, and that's Kay from Ikon Hair!

I met Kay almost two years ago when I was looking for a bridal hair dressers that wasn't going to charge me £300 just to do my hair, I wasn't asking for anything too complicated (I think, but saying that I did have long hair that reached the small of my back, and it's quite thick too) But I contacted Ikon and sent them a picture of what I was asking for and they came back with a price and asked if I could pop in!) From there it was pretty much history! Kay did a wonderful job of my hair for the wedding, so much so that I went back a few days later to get it cut shorter. I really do love Kay, and one of the things that I like best is that she LISTENS to what I ask for! She also chats to me whilst styling my hair! I can't stress enough, how good this is, every other place I've been always makes it seem like a massive inconvenience that I'm there and I end up sitting in silence for an hour! Ikon always makes me feel welcome.

So here's a quick before and after my last visit to Ikon! My hair always looks so pretty and feels really soft! I'd highly recommend Ikon to anyway in the Wokingham/Earley/Woodley/Reading area! It's definitely worth a trip!

You can check out their website below which has a price list and a handy online booking system to boot!

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