Monday, 19 January 2015

Urban Piercings Reading - ~*~Positive~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have a handy review about Urban Piercings in Reading! I'm mainly witting this as whilst I was researching for a reputable piercers in Reading I couldn't really find many reviews or information! Awhile ago I decided I wanted my upper ear pierced and set about looking  for somewhere that I would be happy with. I came across Urban Piercings which had been recommended to me before, and had a look at their very informative website. (They also have an amazing on-line store that I'll be taking advantage of soon!) The website contains lots of different information on different kinds of piercings, stretchings, after care as well as lots of other useful items. Urban are also registered with Reading Borough Council. After thinking it over for awhile I decided to go ahead and get my piercing done with Urban - whilst I was researching I came across someone who said Urban used to be in Harris Arcade - It turns out these guys did my original lobe piercings but had just moved locations!

So off I went on a Tuesday morning down to Urban Piercings - they are located just off Friar street - so very accessible for all modes of transport. I'd been forewarned they get super busy so I aimed to get there just after opening, I went in, talked to the very friendly lady behind the counter about what I wanted, chose a ring over a bar and paid for my piercing (£22) and was offered a choice of after care solutions. I opted for the drops as they seemed easier to use and would last longer! (£4 - but they smell really lovely too!) I was given an after care sheet to read through and asked to take a seat and someone would be right with me.

I then met the lovely Belle! She was so so sweet! Belle showed me the ring that she would use to make sure I was happy with it, disinfected my ear, marked the spot, checked I was happy, wiped it again and away she went! I have to say it hurt way less than I was expecting! It was way easier than a blood test! Belle did a fab job and was happy to chat away to me too (probably a good thing because I babble when I get nervous!) Belle explained the after care for the piercing (It's slightly different to lobes as you aren't meant to move the piercing at all as this can prevent it from healing properly). It didn't really hurt much after I left either, though it does feel a little bruised now - the healing time for cartilage piercings is around 2-4 months though you can change the jewellery after 2.

And here we go, my lovely ring a day or so after it was done! I'm considering getting my other ear done once this one is healed! (I'd highly suggest not getting both done at the same time as you'll have a very interesting time trying sleep!) I'd definitely go back to Urban again and I'd ask for Belle too!

If you'd like more information on Urban Piercings 
you can check out their website and store below!

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