Monday, 28 September 2015

An early birthday present! Apple iPhone 6s - Rose Gold

Hello Everyone!

How lucky am I?! My lovely Husband bought me an early birthday present of the very new rose gold iPhone 6s and a case too! I have never had a new phone so close to launch before, and this one is so pretty I had to share! Mr Lock was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to reserve one for me (The rose gold is pretty much sold out everywhere, and I was saving to buy one around Christmas so hadn't pre-ordered it yet).

This is the phone and case! The case is the pink silicone one an the iphone is the 64gig. I've always loved Apples packaging, it's very neat and stylish. There's also not a lot of wasted space which is great too as it requires less materials to make.

Upon opening the box the phone is sat right at the top! It's covered in that special plastics that stops the phone and it's screen getting marked in transit. They are packaged very well so there's not room for the phone to slide about in the box. The front of the phone is white with a rose gold band around the home button.

Under the phone is the plug, USB cable and the headphones all in Apples standard colour of white!

Here's the back of the phone (still in the plastic as I was worried about putting it face down). It's definately pink! Though under some lights its more gold when you take a photo of it. I quite like the white lines that break up the colour.

Here you can see the phone with out it's plastic protector - you can also see the inside of the silicone case, it appears to be lined with a suede like material to make sure the phone doesn't get scratched whilst its in it.

Fitting the case is really simple - it's quite a tight fit which is good as it means it won't come off if dropped or in a bag. The screen is nice and bright and it's so much fun to use!

I'm really loving this phone - I've really missed using Apples OS on a phone, it's so straight forward and really simple to use. The camera is fantastic which is great as I can use it for photos but also to start making videos for you! (I have a few planned out, and hopefully they'll be come a reality soon!) The system is really fast, I've not noticed a lag when switching between apps, the finger print scanner works perfectly - Apple pay is really handy too. I really like the force touch feature with photos - it takes around 3-4 seconds of video when you take a photo so that when you use force touch with it it plays a little clip, which is perfect for trying to take a decent photo of Harry. The fact its an awesome kawaii pink colour just makes it perfect too!

Thank you to my lovely Husband, Mr Lock for the early birthday present!

Ta-ta for now!

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