Wednesday, 21 May 2014

REVIEW: Reinbo Neko (ETSY) ~*~ Positive~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is  review of the etsy store Reinbo Neko.

Reinbo Neko is a UK based store, I discovered them by accident when browsing facebook! At the time I discovered them, they were holding a give away which was a Sailor Moon necklace (For those of you that don't know Sailor Moon is one of my favourite 5 things!)

I wasn't lucky enough to win but one of my friends did! Reinbo Neko then announced that the remaining two necklaces would be on her etsy store, and luckily the pink necklace was still available! I purchased this from the store on the Monday and received and email saying that it would be posted on the Friday as this was the posting day.

A few days later an announcement appeared saying that due to a bank holiday, all purchases would be sent on the Saturday. So I waited the weekend and on Tuesday nothing had arrived. I left a message on the post delay message on facebook asking if the necklace had been sent (Mainly because I've had a few packages arrived damaged recently and was worried) - it hadn't been sent as she'd not been able to get to the post office and would be sent on the Tuesday after the bank holiday.

On Thursday I finally received my necklace! It was sent in a padded jiffy bag so it was kept safe and sound. Inside was a little organza (I thought the bag matched well!) bag and a note.

I like that the charms match the rings and the clasp.

Close up of the Sailor Moon charm - the colours are really vibrant and go well together!

Aside from the delay with the postage, which is probably down to it being a bank holiday weekend and me being impatient, I'm really happy with my purchase, it's cute, a good size and stands out!

If you'd like to check out the Reinbo Neko store you can find it here

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  1. Awww~ A super cute review!

    I still need to upload a post on my necklace but wow the pink one looks so cute~

    I'm glad someone else I know and like got the pink one since its such a cutie~
    Its like our necklaces are sailor moon and chibi moon together~ <3

    I can't wait to see more reviews from you~

  2. Awe! Thank you Opheila! Sailor Moon is one of my favourite things so I was really happy to get this!

    I'm sure I'll find something else to review soon! <3