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Hello lovelies!

I'm a bit late to the party on this one as Enchanted was over a month ago but I've just not had the time to write anything. So anyway on to the post!

Enchanted was hosted this year in London on the 5th and 6th of April by Street Fashion Europe - a committee made up of lolitas from all over Europe. Many of the attendees had come from all over the world, and I do believe there were some girls all the way from America! There were also special guests attending from Japan including Kunika Ono (Oh my gosh I was so excited about seeing her work!), Hitomi from Grimoire and shironuri artist Minori.

I was pretty lucky in that I managed to get tickets for both days (The main event and the tea party) how ever I don't seem to have very many photos at all, so you'll have to bare with me if there's more text than photos in this post.
I met up with Beccy at Waterloo and we took the tube to Gibson Hall where the event was being held - we had VIP tickets so needed to be there on time for the early entry. We got there earlier than we thought we would so grabbed some lunch and waited outside the event! I'm glad we got there when we did as the queue was massive half an hour later!

There was also a lovely Shironuri waiting in the queue with us, thank you for letting us take your picture! (I'm sorry but I'm unsure what your name was!)

When we were let in we were given our VIP bags (These contained a badge, an Atelier Pierrot mirror, lots of sweets from around Europe, a tea ball and an envelope containing lots of flyers/business cards), a raffle ticket and a drinks ticket (I had a mango smoothie) - we then when to look around the event. Although there were quite a few stalls there didn't seem to be as many or as big a variety as Frock on! had, though that could be my imagination. We had a good look at the stalls and then claimed some seats for the fashion show before going back to look at the bring and buy and do some shopping and admire Kunika's amazing fake cakes! I bought a cookie from her (I've sealed it with a varnish so I can keep it forever!) I also bought a Lock Shop wig, some chocomint rings, the last part of the chocomint set I bought at Frock On! and another necklace. The bring and buy was pretty mobbed and we didn't get a good look until later (I still regret not buying the brown Liz Lisa bag I saw!!! If anyone knows who was selling it please let me know!)

Then it was time for the introductions and fashion show. After this there was an auction for two of Minori's outfits which went for quite a lot of money! Minori also gave a make up tutorial after this. At some point a buffet appeared which was very quickly mobbed. Apparently it was only supposed to be three items per person but people seemed to just be grabbing everything they could! By the time we could get to the front of the crowd most things were gone.

After this was more shopping and  the raffle, oh my gosh there were so many prizes! Beccy was lucky enough to win a prize (Luckily not the one she donated!!) Then the closing. speeches and after party - we left before the after party, we were both exhausted and wanted to go find the hotel.

Just a note to anyone thinking about staying in the Aldgate East Travel Lodge - It's down the back alley way, and the above is the view from the room windows... and yes, the trains seem to run all night!

The next day was the Tea party, we decided to head into China town before we went and headed off to Boba Jam (My favourite place!!) I abandoned the wig I was going to wear and decided to try out my new auburn Lockshop wig!

While we were in China town we decided to check out the market style shops! I bought a Rilakkuma instax album which I was really pleased with as I've wanted a nice one for awhile! It also seems that half of the Qut'Se stall  has gone, I was really sad about this as I was hoping to buy a few things from there.

After we were done in China town we headed over to the Tea party, we were given another raffle ticket upon entry. I have to say I felt rather under dressed, some of the outfits were stunning! I think I'll re-think my out fit if I attend another tea party like this. The tea was a buffet style, were you could pick and choose what you wanted. Our tables were set and also had little rings and leaflets for each person.

After the tea there was another raffle and Beccy won again! (I'm so unlucky!) But amazingly she won one of Kunika's cakes and gave it to me!!!! I was and still am so happy! I've had it on display ever since I got it home, I was so worried about it getting broken on the train but it survived!

I had to leave shortly after the raffle thanks to the trains being mostly bus replacements, but I definitely had fun at the tea party!

It was an interesting weekend and there were some beautiful outfits about. (I think there were 6 puppet circus dresses at the tea party?) I do hope everyone else attending had a good weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next UK event is!

The next post should be up this week or possibly the beginning of next. I have a few tutorials planned and a couple of reviews!

Ta-ta for now

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