Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hyper Japan Festival 2015!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited! It's finally the week of the Hyper Japan Festival! I will be attending this on the Friday with my youngest sister! Come and say 'Hello!' if you spot me! I had been intending to wear cosplay for this but due to the recent heat wave in England, I think I'll save it for the Christmas event and just wear something kawaii to avoid heatstroke! This event looks like it will be so much bigger than the last one I attended in November - for starters this one is being hosted at the O2 arena! I've never been there before so that's exciting in itself!

There is literally so much to see and do, I cannot wait to see Die Milch perform!

I hope we can see this too! The Hello Kitty bento how-to! I've always loved the idea of bento but I've never been very creative with them. I'd love to see how to make kawaii bento.

Hyper Kawaii looks like it will be fun too! There's always lots of shopping to be done - I'm definitely going to check out Teatime treasures and Love JoJo's stalls first! Not forgetting of course that there is a dedicated gaming zone too! I do believe Nintendo will be attending.

For those who are fans of traditional Japanese culture, there are things to see and do too! I'll definitely be checking out the kimono and picking up some information on travelling to Japan.

Just look how big this! It looks like it's across quite a few floors too! There's even a maid café this time around! I'm not sure if we'll be checking that out as there's so much to see and do, but I'm sure we'll pop up there to see what's going on!

This is so exciting! Only two days to go! Add the fanpage on facebook for live updates through out the day on Friday!

Ta-ta for now!

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