Monday, 27 July 2015

Hyper Japan Photos + Shopping Haul

Hello Lovelies!

As promised here are my photos, video and shopping haul from Hyper Japan!

First things first! When we eventually got in we went to find Keren at Tea Time Treasures! Keren and I have been friends for quite a long time now but we've never actually met in person until now. I didn't realise how much of a giant I am until I saw this photo!

Keren's stall had a lot of Lolita, Kawaii and Die Milch merchandise - Tea Time Treasures was one of the very few stalls I found that weren't scalping.

From here I bought two Die Milch Cd's (which they very kindly signed for me! Yay! I'm so happy!)

And a Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly charm. 

Keren also very kindly picked up a few items for me in Japan on her last visit (Another post on these later!) But she also gave me this adorable Rilakkuma bottle cover! I've gotten a lot of use out of this already and I just love the picture on it.

Next we went to find Love Jojo's stall as my sister and I had joined in the give-away event - we both got given these cute little squishy panda charms.

We then had a look around the other stalls and did a little shopping, whilst trying to work out where everything was.

We came across LoLiBuNNi quite early on as my sister happened to know one of the people running the stall! They had some goregous items for sale (You should go check out their site) but my favourite thing was the Sailor Moon necklaces.

Look how pretty these are!

I bought one of the necklaces - I really like how it has both cord and ribbon for the chain as it gives it a softer look.

Close up of the charm - it's just such a pretty image and is really lovely on too.

Last year I bought a ton from Dreamy Bows - this year I could only find one of the items I wanted in my price range, they did have the powder compacts, room fragrance and perfume but these were all out of my budget.

I did buy the locket tablet case - now oddly, and I didn't notice at the time as my purchase was taken from the stock they had an put straight in the bag, the candy is missing! There is a sticker on the bottom of the box saying that the it doesn't contain sweets but I'm 99% sure there should have been some in there - it's rather odd as it means someone has gone through, taken these out of the packet and removed the candy? I found it a little odd but not a major thing.

Now I'm not sure whose stall I bought this from as I couldn't see the name of the stall, but I bought Sailor Uranus's liprod, two petite chara (I was hoping for Sailor Moon) and two of the little capsule prizes (I've wanted the Grail for such a long time!) I think this was my favourite stall next to JP Books and I do wish I'd bought Neptune's rod and more of the petite chara as well.

From Roxie Sweethearts stall I bought this adorable pair of pastel bat earrings! I have a necklace already that would go really well with these too!

There was a stall selling all sorts of traditional Japanese tableware too - I bought this cute little kitty bowl to use at work. Next time I would buy some dinner plates for home too!

Lastly was JP Books - I love this stall, and I'm definitely going to go find the store next time I'm in London to buy a Rilakkuma bear! I bought the kitty bag mascot, 3 scented pens and a magnet.

I've wanted the mascot from this series for quite awhile so I'm really happen to have been able to purchase this! There's a little bell on him too so he jingles!

Then it was time for Die Milch's performance!

 I managed to get some of the performance on my phone!

Afterwards I was lucky enough to get a photo with them.

And that's pretty much it! We headed home shortly after that as we had another engagement to go to!  We did buy some Taiyaki, Takoyaki and nice ice but forgot to photograph it before scoffing it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Did you go to Hyper Japan? Let me know in the comments!

Ta-ta for now,

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