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Nice Nails Baby ~ Walking on air pedicure! ~*~SPONSORED REVIEW~*~

Hello Lovelies!

Today I have an exciting review for you! The lovely Michelle from Nice Nails Baby invited me to come and try out her 'Walking on air pedicure'.

'Nice Nails Baby is an exquisite nail salon located in London's Clapham Junction. 
Our salon provides the affordable luxury of fabulous nails without the drama of using the electrical nail file in a small chic lively atmosphere. We have created the perfect environment for you to chill and enjoy your treatments, which are provided by our experienced technicians – our aim is to make you feel special when you visit our salon. It’s all about having a great experiences in a salon.'

This sounded fantastic to me, so I booked in to go check out Nice Nails baby! The salon is based at Clapham Junction inside Electric Beach - it's really easy to locate as its right opposite the Clapham Junction Station, so it was just a short train ride from Reading to get to the Salon.

The salon is located downstairs inside Electric Beach, where I met the lovely Michelle who showed me into the nail bar to pick out a polish whilst she finished setting up. It's super light an airy in the salon and I love the décor - there's lots of pictures of manicures on the wall which makes it very colourful too.

There are different sections for manicures and pedicures, This is the Nail bar, the way everything is set out is fantastic! I love the way that you can see all the colours of nail polish easily on the wall which makes it much easier to see what colour you might like to try! (I wish I had my polish at home set up like this, I can never find the colour I'm looking for!) I opted for an awesome glittery/metallic pink.

When Michelle was ready she showed me into the pedicure area! This area has a built up bench that you sit on, and is so, so cosy! I could have quite happily taken a nap up here!

Feeling cosy on the bench with lots of soft pillows!

So the first part of the pedicure was the foot soak! This was a bubbly foot spa filled with warm water to soften up the skin and nails.

Next was the fruit foot mask! This smelt really good.

Then my feet were wrapped in film to retain warmth whilst the foot mask did it's thing, but left my toes free!

Michelle then carefully filed my nails. (I never make a good job of them and get them even, but Michelle did a perfect job!)

Next came the foot scrub before my feet went back into the foot spa for another soak. The foot scrub was kinda tingly as it was mint which was nice! (It smelt great too!) I then put on my flip flops so Michelle could paint my nails witho out me smudging her hard work once she'd finished ! (I thought this was a fantastic idea, so many places don't do this and I nearly almost wreck it before I get out the door!)

Once they were painted with a base coat, the colour and a top coat,  I sat back in the waiting area with a little fan to let the polish dry - I could use doing this at home!

Perfect toes! And I do love the colour, it's such a vibrant pink!

The lovely Michelle and myself!

I had an absolutely fantastic morning chatting to Michelle whilst she gave my feet a make over! When I left she gave me a bottle of hand and skin cream with her business card which smells divine! She really makes you feel at home and her talents with nails are amazing! (I've been looking at her facebook page over the last few weeks and some of the manicures she has done are spectacular!) I'd really love to go again, and I really think that Nice Nails Baby is totally worth a visit too!

If you'd like more information or to make an appointment you can contact Nice Nails Baby at:-
07940451001 / 02079766696

Inside Electric Beach

33 St. John's Hill
SW11 1TT

Let me know if you pay a visit to Nice Nails Baby in the comments!

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