Thursday, 12 June 2014

~*~REVIEW~*~ Etudé House Precious Mineral Magic - Positive

Hello my lovelies,

Today I have a review for your on an Etudé house beauty product.

This is a Precious Mineral magic any cushion in mint green (They come in three different colours I believe). I went for this shade as the green is supposed to counteract any red patches of skin. The idea of this product is along the same lines as the Choux range, it's a base to even out complexion before foundation, though I've used it just with powder before and it gave light coverage and pretty good staying power for the powder.

The back of the box is in Korean, but the side is translated into English which is pretty handy! I have to say I didn't find this box as is pretty simple and cute but not as cute as some previous products I've purchased, but, after all it is just a box and I won't be keeping it for ever.

The actual compact is quite large in design and has a simple but cute design to it.

Inside is a very nice mirror, a foam puff and the seal for the magic sponge to stop it drying out.

With the seal open - here is the magic sponge and the product! If you move the sponge a little you can see the liquid product at the bottom of the compact - it doesn't appear there's much in here but it's probably soaked into the sponge.

You need to press the cushion quite hard to get the product onto the sponge, as it's quite liquidy, and it's very translucent, but you can still see the mint shade.

In this photo the product is applied to the right hand side of my hand, you can just about see it - It can be applied and built up to give the desired cover - it does balance out some of the redness in my skin and there's not much redness to my hands. On a good day this and some powder is probably enough for me! But as I said before it's difficult to get on the sponge, and can leave tracks on your skin unless you even it out with your fingers.

Over all its an interesting concept but I do prefer Etudé's CC cream but it does work pretty well! It was fun to try something new!

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