Friday, 6 June 2014

London, Baby!

Hello my Lovelies!

Remember the lovely Jade Love/Chiichanny from the last post?  Well, we were lucky enough to meet up last month in London!

We were meeting in Picadilly, outside the Japan centre. (I had some great photos of the outside but they seem to have corrupted themselves, boo!) I, somehow managed to get there mega early! I'm not quite sure what happened but everything seemed to run early! So I had a poke around the Japan Centre whilst waiting for Jade.

I haven't been to the Japan Centre since before it moved, the new store is mostly upstairs and has an in-store bakery, a sushi bar and lots of grocery type products. Downstairs has a dumpling stand and a gyoza stand. I was impressed with the range of items they had, my purse how ever wasn't! I bought so much!

They even had character bread! I bought a melon pan as I've never had it before, it reminded me a lot of iced buns.


My favourite thing has to be the Rilakkuma cup and saucer! I've wanted a Rilakkuma mug for quite awhile now.

I also found Dragonball Z cola, cute tin foil and a whole host of other things.

When Jade arrived we went to Boba Jam in China town to get some lunch and bubble tea! I had the basic brick toast and a mango bubble tea, Jade got the most amazing banana dessert I've ever seen!!

Jade gave me this lovely print which I'll treasure forever! I now own two of her prints and I'm so happy to have this one as it's been one of my favourite for awhile.

After lunch we headed to the purikura store and the shops!  I bought a Korilakkuma phone charm, Rilakkuma chopsticks, a heart dish and gift box.

Jade bought us cute little sentimental circus phone charms! I love my little Shappo!

The purikura store was still shut (It doesn't open till 1:00pm) so we headed to Wonderful Paitisserie. They had some amazing cakes on display too!

I've never done purikura before - for those of you that don't know purikura is a photo sticker booth where you can make funny poses, customise the little photos by drawing on them, it was honestly a lot of fun making up different poses and then decorating after, I'd love to do this again!

We headed to Tokyo toys after this and had a look round, I bought two Sailor Moon Key rings - now something I noticed with these after I got home, is that the one on the left is a legit keyring (It seems to have the right packaging.) The one on the right how ever is missing one of the main characters, Sailor Jupiter which is extremely odd, the packaging didn't look quite right either, and I have to admit that I am rather annoyed Jupiter is missing as it just doesn't look right. The other odd thing with Tokyo Toys is you can't really inspect the items or their packaging as they are all bolted onto the display racks. In order to buy anything you have to find a member of staff, which during MCM time is difficult as most seem to be wearing cosplay in the store and there were quite a few cosplayers about.

Sadly after Tokyo toys it was time for me to go home and time for Jade to find her hotel! I still think we look cute even when we're sad! I had a lovely day out with Jade and I can't wait to do it again, hopefully I won't have too long to wait!

Ta-ta for now,

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