Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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Hello Lovelies!

Today I have a review of ArtsCow! I'd heard of Artscow a few months ago, and recently they had a special offer on (I think it was a XL cosmetic bag for $0.99 delivered.) The reason I can't remember exactly what the offer was that when I signed up to order my bag I was given lots of different free item coupons!, So I went a tiny bit mad and ordered 2 XL bags, 2 large bags and a cushion cover.

I placed the order a little over two weeks ago and the order arrived today.

I'm really impressed with this - its printed on a satin type material and closes with velcro (so much better than a zip!!) I'm already planning on some more cushions as I love this one so much!

These are the XL bags - they are a little bit smaller than I was expecting, but they are very well made and the prints are crisp and clear (One had two different pictures on each side)

And these are the two large sizes - I have to save I'm loving the one with my logo! The prints are very clear and the Totoro one is really vibrant!

All of the cosmetic bags have an inner zip compartment which I wasn't expecting and is a great addition! the ordering process is very simple. You choose your products, and customise them (You can choose zip colour for the bags and on some other things you can choose the fabric colour too), add your images and add the product to the basket before checking out. ArtsCow provide you with guidelines for the size of images needed for each product. They also have an advanced editing tool for their products but I didn't try this feature as I just wanted simple bags.

I really love the site, and I will definitely go back and order some more items (They even print dresses now!!) It was just so simple and really good value for money!

Ta-ta for now

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