Monday, 15 September 2014

Kawaii Club Monthly ~*~August~*~

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is a review of August's Kawaii club box - it's a little late as I only just received the box due to Keep It Secret suffering delays with customs. This is the last box I will be receiving for awhile as I'd like to try a few others and I've currently cancelled my subscription.


Upon opening the box, inside was a letter detailing this months items and a leaflet for the upcoming event Keep It Secret are hosting. Animanga Pop look like it will be an interesting event!

And here's everything that was in the box! The theme for this pack for was Cute N' squishy and it certainly was.

Kiki charm - There was either Kiki or Lala in the boxes and I was lucky enough to get the adorable Kiki - I don't know much about little twin stars and this is the first item I have for them, but this is pretty adorable.

Alpaca charm - Now this is something I know all about! I love these alapcas and this one has a pretty sparkly scarf on - he'll be going on my new handbag when it arrives!

Funassyi charm - Now I've seen this little character popping up a lot recently - he's the unofficial mascot for the city of Funabashi in Japan.

Hello Kitty diorama (There were 8 different ones) - I think I've put this together correctly - there weren't any instructions on how to put it together and it does look like parts are missing, but I think this might be to attach it to the others in the series.

Melon pan squishy wrist rest - The note in the box said this is a sweet scented wrist wrest and I will try it out for work but it looks like it might be a little high for this purpose? Mine also doesn't smell sweet, it smells more like rubbery plastic!

Two lollipops - I think this was the apology for the box being nearly a month late. I've had these in a previous box and they are pretty nice.

So, as I've said I won't be receiving any more of this particular box for the time being as I'd like to try a couple of the others out there, so keep an eye out for upcoming reviews!

Ta-ta for now,

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