Monday, 11 May 2015

Little Twin Stars Necklace from KiraKiraKawaisa

Hello Lovelies!

I ordered a lovely necklace from KiraKiraKawaisa! I've a love for Little Twin Stars at the moment and fell in love with this necklace when I was browsing their store.

The parcel arrived super quickly, I just love how they decorate their boxes - I've re-used the stickers!

Inside was a little baggy with some free gifts, lots of shredded paper and confetti, and another little Rilakkuma baggy with my necklace in! These are so cute - I really love when stores put effort into their parcels and presentations.

Here's my necklace - I love the care and attention that has gone into making this - the chain is just perfect for this style as well.

A more detailed shot of the glittery resin and the Little Twin Stars decal.

I really like the rhinestones used here, they are almost iridescencent and sparkly in the light.

The back of the necklace - you could wear this back to front as it's so glittery for a plainer style.


Here are the little freebies I got! The note paper is so cute! I've already made use of the stickers too! I love this store so much and will definitely be buying more products in the future!

Ta-ta for now,

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