Friday, 8 May 2015

WRAPPZ ~*~Sponsored Review~*~ POSITIVE

Hello Lovelies!

Last week a posted a mini review about Wrappz - a UK based company who provide custom printed phone cases and skins for electronics. They very kindly sent me a voucher to try out their service! (I also used the free skin code, which is available in the other post about the company here: Wrappz).

Order was very straight forward and easy. I simply picked the phone I wanted to make a case for - an Iphone 4 (just as a note they also hvae cases for the iPhone 3 series which is unusual!) I selected the layout I wanted, uploaded my photo and checked the positioning and then added it to the cart! You can add text or even multiple photos to one case but I just had one in mind.

I did the same again for a laptop sleeve - my laptop is a little older so they didn't have a skin that would fit it, but that was fine as you can in[put your own measurements and they'll make one to size!

I placed my order Monday evening and the products arrived on Saturday morning- which I think is really quick considering these were custom printed for me. The one thing I did realise after I placed the order is that because I used the quick paypal check out I didn't create an account with Wrappz which meant that I couldn't track my order - but that was my own fault and something I'll remember for future shopping with them.

So here's my laptop before (it's covered in scratches after I accidentally dropped it!)

And after!

How cool is this? I'm absolutely loving this! It was super easy to apply and it makes such a difference to the laptop. The printing is really clear and bright and the vinyl super thick too.

This was the phone case I ordered! I'm really happy with this too - the print is really clear and vivid and the case is definitely made of a durable plastic - meaning I shouldn't break it any time soon!

I really love the items I ordered from Wrappz and I'll definitely be ordering from them again soon, as I'd quite like a skin for my phone as well. You can visit the Wrappz website yourself on the link below.

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