Monday, 26 August 2013

~*~ Beauty Review ~*~ ColourB4 Extra strength/Superdrug Performace hair dye/L'Oreal Wild Ombres -Negative/Positive/Positive

Hello my lovelies!

Today I'll be reviewing ColourB4 Extra strength, Superdrug Performance hair dye and L'Oreal Wild Ombres dye.

I've been itching to change my hair since I got married in May - before that even, but I didn't want to risk ruining it before the wedding. So after the wedding I had my ridiculously long hair cut shorter and have been trying to decide what to do with it ever since. Last week I settled on dark brown with ombre'd ends.

My hair has been red for around three or four years now, so I was a bit apprehensive about changing colours as I know red is one of the hardest colours to change, which is why I researched into colour removers and bought the ColourB4 extra strength, the box advertised that you were able to re-dye your hair straight after application. I also bought Superdrugs colour performance in Medium Natural Brown (I purchased two boxes as I have very thick hair) and a box of L'Oreals Wild Ombres for brown hair.

Colour B4 extra strength: Negative

Now I bought this based on the fact you can re-dye straight over it, even the packaging says this, and best of all it was on offer in Superdrug for £7.99! Happy days right? Wrong. The leaflet inside the box very clearly says that you can only re-dye straight away if you are using a NON-PEROXIDE based semi permanent hair dye, if your hair is porous!!  Else you need to wait around 2-4 weeks. Now I'm gonna go ahead and say my hair is probably very porous based on the fact that every dye I've ever used has contained peroxide. The dye I'd bought contained peroxide (obviously, I don't think I've ever seen a non-peroxide based one, except maybe in black) and as I didn't really fancy having weird coloured hair for a month before I could fix it, so I opted not to use the colour remover. By this point I'd already done a patch test so I can't even return the damned thing back to the store for a refund, and I will say it had the dodgiest eggy smell!! I've given this a negative review as I really think the fact you can't use peroxide based dyes on porous hair after should be written on the front of the box and not just in tiny print on the accompanying leaflet.

Superdrug Performance Hair Dye - Positive

So after the fiasco above I decided to just go for it, as I'd already done the patch test. I firstly did a strand test to see if the dye would have any chance of covering red, and was pleasantly surprised when it did, almost perfectly! So I went ahead and dye the whole of my hair. The dye was quite pleasant and easy to apply and didn't have a terribly strong smell. This has to be the easiest dye I've ever washed out - I don't know whether it's because I have less hair now or if the dye was just really that easy but it only took a few minutes for the water to run clear after rinsing. I used the included conditioner after using the third kit - it had a very pleasant scent and left my hair in great condition. I'd definitely recommend getting two boxes of dye if you have thick hair or hair longer than shoulder length - I had enough in one for about 3/4 of my hair. The colour was exactly what was on the box, a very deep brown and covered very well.

L'Oreal wild Ombre  for brown hair - Positive

I love, love this stuff! The brush included makes applying the dye so much easier. You basically mix three packets together in a developer bottle, shake, rattle and roll, before applying it toothpaste style to the brush and brushing it through your hair. I applied the first lot, left it twenty minutes and applied some more a little higher up. Next time I'd probably apply it in smaller sections and more frequently to get a better blend of colour. I also recommend using this outside or somewhere with a lot of ventilations, it was really, REALLY strong for the first few minutes of using it, but it sort of just went a way! The shampoo included works very well, though I still used a conditioner afterwards for extra moisture.

So there you have it, I'm loving my new hair, though I'd quite like to re-ombre it in a few weeks to try and get a light shade on the ends, but it is bleach after all so I'll give my poor hair a few weeks to recover first!

Ta-ta for now!

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