Monday, 5 August 2013

~*~Shopping Review ~*~ Clobba On-line & Taobao: Part 1 ~ Super Positive!

Hello my lovelies!

Today's post is a review of the shopping Service Clobba Online. This is the first part of the review, the second will be posted when my order arrives in a week or two.

So firstly I better explain Taobao. Taobao  is a Chinese website where you can pretty much find anything you'd ever want to buy, there are lots of different sellers offering lots of different products. If you use google chrome it'll automatically translate the page for you, which will make life easier! I've also found you can search in English and in Chinese (sometimes this gives different results, so try using google translate to get the chinese translation of the item you want to search for.) Now most of the sellers won't ship abroad, which is where Clobba Online comes in.

Clobba Online is a shopping service. It's run by a lovely person called Martin. Clobba will order the products you would like to order from Taobao for a small fee and ship them to you. They also run their own website selling Lolita apparel. I've used Clobba Online many times and I've never been disappointed with the service I've received. Martin will quote you for the items you want and tell you what sizes and colours of the items is available.

This time round I wanted to order some custom sized clothing. So after finding the items I wanted, I contacted Clobba Online and received a reply very quickly with prices/availability and colours and a request for measurements so he could get an accurate quote for the custom sized items. He also warned me of some of the items on my list as being fakes. After choosing what I wanted I sent Martin an email with my choices and new measurements. He responded letting me know how long and how much the custom sizes would be, I replied asking to be invoiced as I was happy with the costs.

I very quickly received a reply with an order form and an invoice, I'd arranged with Martin to pay it in a few days time. Once paid I let Martin know and he ordered the items for me and said he'd let me know once the items were in. I also decided I wanted to order some Rilakkuma items about a week after placing my order, Martin amended my form and and placed the order for the new items.

Last week the two custom made items arrived! Martin emailed me to arrange shipping and after a few questions (I couldn't remember the time scales for EMS/Air mail). I chose registered airmail, I also asked him what the skirt was like as I was curious and he very kindly took photos of both the custom items and emailed me with a description of the fabric which I thought was fantastic!
+Secret Doll+ JSK

High waisted skirt
Two days after I paid the invoice I received an email saying the package went off to the sorting centre the day before along with a photo of my parcel, tracking number and website address where I could see the status of my parcel.  (If you do this, it'll take a day or two to show up on the China post website.)

So now I'm awaiting my items in that lovely polka-dot wrapping! I couldn't be happier with my shopping experience so far, and would really, really recommend Clobba Online.

Summary - 1 Star being poor 5 stars being excellent

Postal Charges: *****
Dispatch Time: *****
Quality of items: *****
Communication: *****
Value for money: *****


  1. It looks good. I bought a SugaryCarnival from DoL on ClobbaOnline and now I'm waiting for it. I saw some horrible reviews to clobba, but now I am ok ^__^ Nice dress :) Thank you for your review <3

    Yuki :)

  2. Hi Yuki! Thanks for your comment :) I hope your dress is perfect!

    Becky <3

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