Monday, 12 August 2013

~*~ Shopping Review ~*~ Clobba Online & Taobao: Part 2

Hello my lovelies!

So here as promised is part 2 of my review.

This is what I ordered:
(I did also order a mug but it wasn't in stock, Martin refunded me the money for it!) The boxes are obviously for my lunch to take to work and the flask is for hot and cold drinks, (I'm planning on using it when I travel to Frock On!)

My package arrived on Friday, roughly 10 days after posting by registered airmail. I'd say that's pretty quick time to make it through two sets of customs and half way round the world!

The box itself was wrapped with bubble wrap, polka-dot plastic and a layer of parcel tape, there was no way anything was going to damage this! (I do really love that polka-dot wrapper!) Inside everything was packed neatly in individual bags, I may have forgotten to take pictures of this as I was too excited! (Frankly it's lucky I remembered to take one before ripping it open!)

So the first of my items is the skirt from strawberry witch, I cannot express how much I adore this skirt, it absolutely fits perfectly. The fabric is soft yet thick and silky to the touch on the outside. The print is very vibrant and the mint colour is exactly what I was expecting - it also has a very cute leaf pattern running though the weave of the fabric. The stitching and hemming is neat and very tidy. There are no loose threads. The only thing I would say is I needed to change the ribbon running through the corseting at the back as it wasn't quite long enough - not a problem though as I can use that for something else, but I thought worth mentioning in case anyone else orders one.

The second item is the JSK from +Secret Doll+. I like this JSK, perhaps not as much as the skirt, it's well made and the lace overlay is very soft, but it's unfinished at the edges. The print is very clear and the material is very light. The waist bow isn't detachable so I may look at making it so myself at some point. The rest of the JSK is very well made, the stitching neat and tidy with a beautiful lace trim. Again this item was custom made in my size and it fits perfectly! My only niggle is that it's a little long with out a petti but with it should be fine! It's very cute and I do see myself getting a lot of wear out of it. Bonus: It's hand washable!

Lace detail

Rilakkuma lunch boxes are the third items, and oh my gosh are they adorable!! I honestly can't wait to use these! There're exactly what I was expecting and will hold my watermelon fine! They seem to have very tight fitting seal lids.

The last item is a Rilakkuma flask. The packaging for the box is so cute! I am trying to think of a way to reuse it instead of throwing it out. The actual flask is a lot smaller than I was expecting, but in retrospect it's actually perfect as it'll hold a cup of coffee and fit in my handbag! I have a feeling I'll be making a lot of use of this over the winter months, but I have a feeling it's first trip out may be to Frock On!

So I'm totally ecstatic with my purchases. Clobba Online have been wonderful as usual. I'm actually so happy with my skirt, I will be contacting Clobba again very shortly to see if I can order some of the stores other items in a custom size! I think that really speaks for itself having only had the skirt for 24 hours and already wanting more for the store.

Ta-ta for now!

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