Monday, 19 August 2013

~*~ Cosmetic Review ~*~ 17's BB Balm - Positive

Hello my lovelies!

Today's post is a review of 17's BB balm. (This is not a sponsored review!)

So I've recently been thinking I need a new foundation, I had been using a MUA foundation but I think it has been causing my skin to breakout, and was definitely making it oily, so I decided to try something new.

After spending what seemed like an eternity in boots looking at everything available I settled on 17's BB Balm in fair. It seemed to promised everything you could possibly want in a foundation - It claims to improve skin in just 4 weeks, minimises pores, has oil control, enhances skin and covers imperfections all with the added bonus of a SPF! It also comes in a fancy black box, which I must say made it stand out on the shelf. At a price of £6.99 it was more than MUAs but at this point I'd been lured in by the promise of better looking skin!

So, in the box is the tube of foundation. I'm not sure why but I honestly thought it would be bigger! I think the long spout on the tube made the box bigger and because I didn't peak before I bought it I was a little disappointed. The instructions say to apply the foundation either use your fingers (be aware you will mark everything you touch this way!) Or with a sponge in a downwards motion - I opted for the sponge. The actual balm is, well like a balm, it's quite thick and rather orangey looking which I was slightly concerned about, but once applied it really did cover just about everything and it didn't feel like I was caked in make up either! The colour was also a pretty good match, I have very pale ghost skin with the odd freckle and red patch and it seemed to even out of all of this leaving me with flawless skin!

I'm pretty impressed with this if I'm honest, I can't comment on the better looking skin in 4 weeks yet as I've only been using it for a week, but so far so good, I have noticed that my skin is a little clearer and possibly less red, but is definitely less oily which is a massive benefit! I would definitely recommend this product, as it does do what it promises on the box, and hopefully in four weeks I'll have even better skin!

Ta-ta for now!

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