Friday, 30 August 2013

~*~ Craft tutorial ~*~ Shoes to sandals

Hello my lovelies!

Today's tutorial is how to turn a pair of shoes into sandals!

These are a pair of An*Tai*Na shoes that I've had for awhile. They are pretty trashed on the toes from an over abrasive cleaner so in their current state they weren't fit for much else other than the bin. I decided to try and save them by turning them into sandals as the soles still have plenty of wear left in them.

You will need:-

  • Shoes
  • Glue
  • Very sharp craft knife
  • Ribbon
  • Pen
How to:-

  •  Mark out how how much of the shoes you want to cut back with a pen. Try and get them as close to the same size on each shoe - Being a couple of millimeters out won't hurt but centimeters will!
  • Carefully remove the insole from the shoe as you will need this later.
  • Cut along the line you have made and then slice it around the sole to remove it.
  • Put the shoes side by side to see if they match - you can see mine are out on the right so I went back and evened it out.
  • Next, cut a piece of ribbon just a bit longer than the ends of your shoe and the same again for the new arch.
  • Using silicone glue apply a thing layer around the toe and arch of the shoe and fold the ribbon around the toe and arch.

  • Re-glue the insole back into the shoes and let the glue dry before wearing.

And that's it. It's a pretty simple how to, and I'm really pleased with the results as it means I've given something a new lease of life rather than sending them to the tip!

Next week look out for a special report on the Tea Party Club event: Frock On! I'm attending tomorrow so should hopefully have lots to report back on!

Ta-ta for now!

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