Monday, 20 April 2015

Afternoon out in Reading

Hello Lovelies! I was very lucky on the Easter bank holiday week and my lovely Beccy came to visit! We don't get to see each other that often as we live at opposite ends of the country. We spent the Friday after shopping in Reading before going for Dinner at Cosmo with my Husband.

Beccy drove all the way to our house and Harry was very happy to see her when she arrived! (He really does love everyone, especially Beccy!) He spent most of the weekend being Beccy's shadow.

We stopped for coffee at BBS Muffins - it's been for ever since I went out for coffee and it was lovely to sit and chat. We'd been walking around the shops for quite a few hours by this point and it was very busy in town because if the holiday. We did get quite a few nice things though! My highlight was the River Island sale where I got a dress reduced to £10 from £100 and a cute pair of pink shoes for £3.75!

Somehow we both ended up wearing leather jackets! It was probably a good choice as it started raining quite hard.

 Beccy wanted something from the Urban Decay Counter in Debenhams - I really love their counter, it looks so pretty.

We found this funny little Iwako whale eraser in one of the stationary shops. There seems to be a lot of 'kawaii' stationary shops cropping up aside from paperchase recently. Reading has at least three of them.

Then it was time for dinner at Cosmo! For those of you that don't know, Cosmo is an all you can eat buffet place - but it has food from all around the world to choose from! My favourite is the the Dim Sum and some of the other dumplings, but that was out of order when we went (Can I use that as an excuse to go again??)

So I totally forgot to get photos inside the restaurant, because it is a little rushed (You have a time limit as it's so popular and it's always super busy).

 Beccy's cute plate of desserts - they have lots of tiny little cakes to choose from.

My plate of dessert - I didn't each much of this as a lot of it wasn't what I expected. The apple crumble and the chocolate cake were nice though!

All in all, it was a fun day out, even if the weather was bad and it was so, so busy! (The queue in Primark was half way down the store!!) I can't wait till Beccy comes to visit again.

Ta-ta for now,

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