Friday, 10 April 2015

KiraKiraKawaisa ~ SPONSORED REVIEW ~*~Positive~*~

Today I have a sponsored review for you!

I'm reviewing a necklace from KiraKiraKawaisa which is owned by the lovely Kat. KiraKiraKawaisa specialises in kawaii handcrafted jewlery and stocks beautiful necklaces and rings. Kat is also very happy to take custom orders as well. I contacted Kat last week to see if she would like to work together. Kat asked me to pick something to the store and she would send it to me to review - I picked a Rilakkuma (my favourite!) necklace.

Yesterday this package arrived for me in the post! How cute is this? I guessed straight away who it was from.

Upon opening the box I found this little baggy!

Which had lots of little sticker, stationary papers (my favourite!) and a Japanese kit-kat! (Another favourite!) This was very cute and a very nice touch! I love the little thank you note as well, it just makes it feel so much more personalised.

Under this was some shiny and pink tissue paper and a little packet with Rilakkuma's face on which contained the necklace.

Holy crap guys. I am speechless. This necklace is amazing! It looked fantastic in the photos but in real life it's even more stunning, and so so cute!

Check out all the little details, it's so sparkly too! You can tell it's been made with a lot of care and attention. The gems have been placed perfectly too.

Even the back is lovely - you could wear it back to front if you wanted a plainer necklace for the day! (I really do love all of the colours in the sparkle!) I love how the chain also co-ordinates with the colours in the pendant too.

I really can't stress enough how much I love this necklace, it's part of my outfit today! I'll definately be purchasing some more items in the very near future - KiraKiraKawaisa have some cute Little Twin Stars necklaces and I spotted a ring I rather adore as well!

Please go check out her store here, you won't regret it!

KiraKiraKawaisa Etsy Store

Ta-ta for now

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