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They kept the home fires burning and their secrets buried.... ~ Secrets of the Singer Girls by Kate Thompson ~*~ SPONSORED REVIEW ~*~

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One of my hobbies is reading and another sewing, when I saw someone looking for reviewers for a new book 'Secrets of the Singer Girls' I leapt at the chance and sent my details I'd read the blurb online and it seemed like something I'd really enjoy reading. A little while later the author, Kate Thompson contacted me to review her book which has only just gone on sale! I was so excited and waited for the book to arrive in the post.

'1942. Sixteen-year-old Poppy Percival arrives at the gates of Trout's clothing factory in Bethnal Green, ready to begin a new life as an East End Seamstress. Forced to leave her quiet countryside home, and banished to a war-ravaged London, Poppy harbours a dark secret - one that tore away from all she knew.

By day the East End women of Trout's play their part in the war effort, stitching bandages and repairing uniforms for troops on the front line, But Poppy's new friends at the factory are hiding some painful truths. Vera, the salt-of-the-earth forelady, has had a hard life, with scars both visible and concealed. Vera's glamorous younger sister Daisy has romantic notions that could get her into trouble; while Sal, a hardworking mother, worries about the safety of her two evacuated boys for good reason...'

I'm not quite sure where to start with the book, it's just so, so amazing and I don't want to give anything away! I read the whole book in just a few days (which I thought was quite good going as I work full time as well!) It's just that good, you won't want to put it down.

The Author is fantastic at writing her characters, you really empathise with them and her research has been completed in detail into the time period and what what life would have been like during WWII for the women in the East End, from working in the sewing factories to home life. Part of the story is based on a historic tragedy, which has been written in such a way that you feel you are there witnessing it. Surroundings, emotions - everything is described beautifully and you will genuinely feel for these women and watch them grow in ways you couldn't think imaginable when their secrets are revealed. The story it's self is captivating and you'll keep binge reading it just to know what happens next!

I highly recommend that you read this book, it really is an enthralling read that shouldn't be missed, even if it's not your normal choice I really would suggest checking it out because you will be pleasantly surprised with how wonderful this read is.

If you'd like to read this book, you can purchase it on Amazon in either paper edition of Kindle edition here:
Amazon - Secrets of the Singer Girls

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