Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spark plugs on a CBR600F

We made good use of the bank holiday weekend and made a second attempt at changing the spark plugs on my bike. The CBR600F has 4 spark plugs, 1 located on the right hand side and 3 on the left.

The first attempt a few weeks ago ended like this (Someone had nicked the bendy spark wrench + tool kit from it meaning it a normal wrench doesn't fit in the gap the access panel in the fairing allows. We did try going through the top but decided to give up and pay Honda £17 for a new wrench,)

16.5 Spark wrench - £17 direct from Honda - you will need this if you want any chance of changing the sparks with out having disassmble the whole thing.

Remove the access pannel with an allen key so you can get access to the spark plugs. 

Pull out the HT leads and label which one goes to which with either sticky labels or masking tape + pen. Un-screw the plugs with the spark-wrench, and remove. Check the gap on the plugs (You can find the gap needed in the Hayne's manual) before replacing them in the cylinder and screwing back in and replacing the hose. Repeat this another 3 times for the others and you're done! Start the engine and check its running as it should do (e.g.No cylinder mis-fires etc) 

It's a pretty easy job once you have the right tool for the right job! 

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