Monday, 13 April 2015

Clobba Online - Shopping service review + Taobao Spring 2015 haul ~*~ Positive~*~

Today's post is a review of Clobba Online - my go to Taobao shopping service. Back in February I found quite a few items I wanted on Taobao and decided to place an order. I used Clobba again as I find that they have the best service, and are very timely with replies which are written in good English. I sent the email containing the items for a quote and received a reply back the very next day! I picked the items from the list I wanted and sent the order back through, Martin sent back the order form very quickly and the invoice which I paid right away. The same day I got an email from Martin informing me that the dress I had on my order had come off the sale price, and asked if I still wanted to buy it - I decided instead to get a refund as I didn't want to pay any extra for it. After that everything went a-ok and at the end of March, I dropped an email to ask how the order was going and when the order was ready to ship if he could quote me for both airmail and EMS. Martin replied that my items were ready to ship and gave me prices for both services. I chose air mail and paid the invoice. Two days later Martin emailed me to let me know the package had been sent to the sorting centre, and sent me a picture of the parcel and the tracking number and then I patiently waited!

Two weeks later and this arrived! I love that Clobba use this wrapping, and it was very securely taped up as well.

Inside was a box covered in bubble wrap - The bubble wrap they use is quite thick and feels a better quality than most. 

Under the bubble wrap was a secret shop box! I've never seen one of these before, it's so cute that I'm going to use it for storing things in.

Everything I ordered fitted neatly in the box, with even more bubble wrap for safety.


 And here's what I ordered - a desk calendar (This is lego brick styled so you can change it around, there are even special bricks for birthdays and holidays too!),  a dust plug for my phone, I finally replaced my Yamanote line Rilakkuma (I lost my original one), a pair of socks, a top, some phone stickers (The seller kindly sent me both colours instead of just one!) And a Rilakkuma handbag.

I'm really happy with all of the items I ordered, the quality was what I expected and the clothing items fit perfectly! I've spotted a few other things I wanted from Taobao so I expect I'll be using Clobba again in the near future!

If you'd like to use Clobba for your Taobao order you can find them on the below:

Clobba Online website

Clobba Online facebook

Ta-ta for now


  1. I've never used a shopping service and have thought of it but to this day it still scares me. I've heard good and bad things about various shopping services but it was nice to read that you're parcel got to you without any problems. Love that calendar, very cute!

    1. Honestly, if you're worried clobba is the best to use, Martin is super friendly and very paitent with questions - I love the calander it looks so cute on my desk and it's re-usable which makes it even better :)