Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MAC cosmetics

Hello Lovelies,

Whilst on a recent business trip I ended up stuck at an airport for a few hours due to delays with our flight. I took the time to wander around the duty free and found they had a MAC cosmetics counter! I used to buy MAC make up quite a long time a go (I'm not actually sure why I stopped buying it!) and still have some of the eye shadows as they are fantastic. My go to beige colour had just about run out so I decided to pick up a new one as it was cheaper here than in my local store!

So this is the eye shadow I picked up - I wanted this for blending into other colours and as a base, it's a really lovely soft beige, it applies very well with a brush and gives the amount of coverage I wanted. Better yet it blends excellently with both dark and light colours and is now my go to base eye shadow!

Now this I hadn't planned on buying, this is one of MACs matte lipsticks in Diva - but whilst I was looking at the eye shadows the assistant asked if I needed any help. I'd been looking for a long lasting dark red for awhile, but I tend to find the shiny lipsticks in red bleed everywhere and rub off very quickly! The assistant suggest three shades and this was the one I picked and I'm so glad I did, It's amazing! The colour is perfect, it doesn't bleed (therefore doesn't require lip liner) and it stays put! Seriously, I could probably get away with out re-applying this for most of the day!

Everything together! I've blended the eye shadow with another for the smoky look! I'm pretty happy with my purchases though I do believe this has re-kindled my love for MAC cosmetics!

Ta-ta for now

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