Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Kawaii Monthly - October ~*~ Positive ~*~

Hello Lovelies,

As mentioned before this is the other of the two kawaii boxes I ordered. This one is from Kawaii monthly and costs £12.60 including shipping. Again this is cheaper than the Keep it Secret box. 

Kawaii Monthly say 'Each package you receive will have 5 different cute and kawaii items! We will include charms, make-up, snacks, stationary and other cute stuff that you can only get in Japan! We also include a printed newsletter with information on each item included.'

So Here's my box! Yet again royal mail have battered this! But it is a sturdy box so everything is safe inside!

On top of everything is a little leaflet that explains this months items, I always find these useful especially if the items are unusual and all in Japanese! It's also nice to know a little background information on the items too.

The first of the items! A Hello Kitty shopper bag! This is made of a heavyweight plastic and has a little velcro closure on it. It's a perfect size for books or lunches!

I think this is the favourite of my items, a black handheld mirror - this also folds at the handle. I'd seen these a little while ago and loved them but didn't get the chance to buy one. I really like the design detail on the back and around the bezel of the mirror.

Hamster pencils! These are super fun, I used to have pencils like these when I was little, They have individual leads that you swap out when it gets blunt/finished. The pack came with four pencils and a colour one too. They'll be super handy for me and I've already taken some of them to work.

Hello kitty sweets! These were peach and apple flavoured bow shaped gummies which were pretty tasty!

Foot product - This was the last of the items a Japanese Beauty product - the idea is you stick these sheets to the soles of your feet overnight and they absorb all the impurities in your skin! I've not had chance to give these a try yet but they look really interesting!

Well, I have to say I was pretty impressed with this box as well. I like the fact you get a variety of items, and I always like trying new beauty products. I think I will be keeping this subscription for a while yet to see what kind of things are sent in the coming months!

Ta-ta for now,

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