Monday, 30 September 2013

~*~ Budget Bride ~*~ Flowers

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Today's post is budget bride themed.
Flowers play a major part in weddings and using a traditional florist can cost hundreds of pounds, but it's actually very easy to make your own for a fraction of the cost. All you really need is flowers and these can be real (but you'd have to put everything together the day before) or fake and any other ornaments, decorations such as ribbon you'd like to use, tape/wire and a little blue peter-esque know how. If you are making the button holes too you'll also need some pins. I used a mixture of foam and silk flowers for mine - I was very lucky to be given the white flowers by one of my lovely friends! So this is a guide to making fake flower arrangements.
Take a look on-line at different bouquet arrangements, and find a few you really like. Once you've decided on the one you'd like, you just need to practice arranging them in the same style. When I made mine I started off in the middle and worked outwards, adding flowers as around the centre ones as I went until I had the shape I wanted. If you are adding in grasses or decorations add these after you've made the shape as it'll be easier to place them.
Once you're happy with your arrangement, take it by the stalk and tape everything together working from the end of the stalk up, stop when you feel the arrangement is secure and that you have created enough of a handle for you to hold.
The next thing I did to create the handle was to take two two different colours of ribbon and cover the tape handle. To do this I used a little double-sided sticky tape and stuck the ends of the ribbon to the handle about 4cm from the bottom, and started over lapping them to the bottom before working to the top again and tying in a bow! I then placed the cute little horse shoe broach on the ribbon (This was my something blue, it was my Mother's.)
For the button holes, it's pretty much the same scenario. Take a flower and cut the stem to a shorter length, add a few grasses or decorations, wrap with tape, cover with ribbon and voilà! A button hole! I used some pins from my sewing box with these as they were pearl headed ones.
That's pretty much it! I really don't see the need to spend £100's on flowers when you can make your own flower arrangements so easily at home. Of course you can also use the same principles from the above to make table decorations, or even decorations for the ceremony room. I hope this has been of help!

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