Friday, 27 September 2013

~*~ Review ~*~ Instant hot drinks - Nescafé Latte - Caramel, Latte Gingerbread and Drink Me Chai- Spice Chai Latte

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With the colder days drawing in on us what's better than a nice hot soothing coffee to wake you up in the morning? I've recently bought a few different ones in an effort to spend less in the office canteen so I thought I'd review them.

So I'm a fan of sweeter coffees and lattes, with that in mind I picked up Nescafés caramel latte, gingerbread latte and Drink Me Chai's - Spice Chai latte. All of these are instant sachets that you just add hot water too and stir, making them great for a quick pick-me-up.

Nescafé Caramel Latte - £2.99 for 8 (currently £1.49 in Sainsburys)

These are my go to instant coffees, if I'm in a coffee shop I always order a skinny caramel latte and for instants, they aren't that far off from the real thing. They taste very sweet and do create some froth on top.

At 66 calories a cup you can't really go wrong with these - unless you drink 10!

Nescafé Limited Edition Gingerbread Latte £2.99 for 8 (currently £1.49 in Sainsburys)

I wasn't sure what to expect from these really. I find gingerbread can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to coffees, however I wasn't disappointed, it had a very strong gingerbread flavour and reminded me so much of Christmas! Like the drink above this went very frothy on top and was smooth with no lumps.

At 86 calories a cup this is a lot more than the other but still one a day wouldn't hurt!

Drink Me Chai - Spiced Chai latte - £0.65

I've never trued a Chai Latte before, I've always wanted to but was put off in case I hate it and had wasted £3 on a cup of coffee! When I saw these in store I decided to pick one up. I have to say this could be a new favourite, it tastes of cinnamon and is very sweet, as it's tea based it's 99% caffeine free so would be a good before bed drink. This one didn't produce any froth at all.

At 90 calories this is the highest of the three and I would guess this is because they use sugar and coconut fat in the drink.

All three were very lovely and I think the Chai latte was probably my favourite and I think I'll invest in a bigger tub of this in the near future. I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for an alternative to expensive coffees!

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