Wednesday, 11 September 2013

We've adopted a puppy!

Hello my lovelies!

So my little hiatus wasn't for nothing! For awhile now my Husband and I have been thinking about adopting a pet. We'd run though every animal possible and eventually settled on a dog as the right pet for us. We set about searching through every local rescue to find the right dog for us and eventually after a week or two came across Harry.

Harry is an 8 month old Burmese puppy crossed with (we think) a spaniel. His previous owners had given him into a pound in Ireland as they didn't think they could give him the life he needed - unfortunately during this time no-one adopted him, after 5 days Harry's time was up and he was due to be put to sleep, when a rescue bought him over to England. We put in an application for him and few days later picked him up!

Poor Harry really isn't sure of cars!
Harry has been with us a week now and he's come such a long way. He's still a little under weight but he's come out of his shell. He loves going for walks and has even been swimming with our parents dogs! He's such a sweet boy, I can't believe anyone would ever give him up -  all he wants to do is be loved!

So there you go, I've been doing something productive whilst I've been away from the internet! You can expect more updates about Harry soon!

Ta-ta for now!

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